The dog’s owner rocked the internet this week after the release of footage of his 15-year-old dog injured in an accident.

Rafi Yitzhaki, who hails from St. Charles, Illinois, shared the video on TikTok on Thursday, where it has been viewed over 420,000 times.

Available with the caption “Please Pray for Our Lady”, the video shows the moment other dogs in the family trampled a 15-year-old miniature poodle cross.

Said Yitzhaki, who is the single father of two teenage girls Newsweek: “Earlier this week, the girls came home from school and walk their dogs every day. We have three dogs, Bailey is a 4-year-old golden retriever, Cyber ​​is a 9-month-old silver Labrador, and Lady. After my eldest daughter, Ariel, took them, they went from the garage to the yard.

Video surveillance footage of the moment 15-year-old Lady Miniature Poodle mix was injured by the family’s other dogs in the accident, left, and a recovering puppy taking his first steps from the accident, right.
Płomień szczeniiąt / TikTok

But when Lady fought in the back and was distracted to see the postman in the yard, she started barking and walking forward while the other two dogs ran over her.

“At this point, Ariel was shocked and called me. I was home and we rushed you to the Animal Hospital, ”explained Yitzhaki.

The family spent five hours at the vet with a lady who was unable to walk after the accident. “I was sure they would put her down,” said Yitzhaki. “After X-rays, ultrasound and MRI were done, they found no broken bones and no internal bleeding.”

The Lady’s spine moved and caused a spinal stroke. It is often a side effect of strenuous play, when a piece of the disc breaks off, enters the bloodstream and blocks blood flow to part of the spinal cord.

The good news, according to a blog post by vet Julie Buzby, is that the clinical signs of a spinal stroke will stop progressing after the first 24 hours and the dog’s weakness or paralysis will either stay the same or improve from there.

The injured puppy spent the night in the hospital, and a day later came home with painkillers.

“That night she spent time with me in my bed,” said Yitzhaki. But unbelievably, a few days later Lady looked much better and has since made her first steps on her own.

“It’s a miracle,” said Yitzhaki. “The lady started walking four days after the accident. Yesterday she could get up and eat on her own, today she started taking a few steps in the yard. “

In the next video, you can see Lady taking precarious steps into the yard with Bailey and Cyber ​​dogs surrounding her.

In comments on the viral video, TikTok users shared their reactions. One of the responses was, “The shock made me cry poor thing – I’m so glad she’s fine.” Another wrote, “Oh, I’m so glad she was fine. I am sending out healing vibrations my own way. “

“When this incident happened, I went to the security camera to see exactly where the Lady was hit and showed it to my vet. It gave them a better indication of where the injury was and how hard it was hit by the other two dogs, ”explained Yitzhaki. But then he realized his distraught teenage daughters needed all the support they could get and decided to share the video on his own TikTok dogs page.

“Within seconds, this movie went viral. People from all over the world started sending messages, praying and loving emoticons and they helped our family get through this difficult moment. This huge family of TikTok dog lovers checked her daily and supported the Girls and I busy. We received phone calls from our friends in Europe, Israel, Japan and Costa Rica… everyone was shocked to see how this movie touched the hearts of so many dog ​​lovers, ”said the dog’s owner.

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