The Miami Dolphins made a statement listing Bradley Chubb’s distinguished lead by sending their remaining pick in the first round in a 2023 draft. Everyone wants to compete and win now.

And for Tua Tagovailoa, it’s a testament to the belief that the franchise has its long-term solution as a quarterback.

Project capital from 2023 was once essential to an organization in case it needed to make a move for the next quarterback. Tagovailoa, leading the NFL on the number of passes (112.7) and winning all five games they started and ended, coupled with having the dolphins drop out of one of the two they once played in the first round, made them easily stray away from the second. help in another area.

From the outside, this move clearly shows that the Dolphins believe Tagovailoa is moving forward. But Tagovailoa felt that support was back before the season when most of the narrative was about how it was make-or-break for the quarterback of the third year.

“I felt supported before all this,” Tagovailoa said Wednesday, responding to Tuesday’s offers. “I’ve felt supported since then [coach Mike McDaniel] entered, getting guys like Tyreek [Hill]”.

Nor is it a new feeling for McDaniel or CEO Chris Grier.

“From the very beginning, I fully saw Tua as our quarterback for this team and this series. I think he is an incredible talent, ”said McDaniel. “It’s not something we suddenly rethinked after his good performance. This is something we’ve known since I’ve been here. “

Grier said, “Very, very pleased with how Tua plays and what he has done for us. It was really exciting to watch it flourish on and off the pitch.

Star Tyreek Hill’s wide receiver feels justified in all the admiration it has expressed for Tagovailoa in the off-season.

“I feel he is playing at an amazing level,” said Hill. “He makes me look good in everything I said about him in the off-season.”

Tagovailoa is arguably the best game of his career, scoring 29 from 36 to 382 yards, three touchdowns and no steals. Ages 5-3 and adding talent, Tagovailoa has no hesitation in announcing that this Dolphs team may run to the Super Bowl.

“We’re not afraid to talk about Super Bowls here,” he said. “We are not afraid to talk about moving to a play-off, about going to one and hopefully winning one. … I am fully convinced that we are capable. “

Player reaction

The Dolphins players had rave comments about the pair of moves Miami made at the deadline by swapping out Chubb and running away with Jeff Wilson Jr.

“I find it amazing,” said outside full-back Jaelan Phillips, who is tasked with completing Chubb opposite him. “I think the more elements we have in defense, the more successful we can be, so it’s great to have a guy like that. I will definitely lean on it and try to get advice on chasing passes and stuff like that.

Retreating dolphins Raheem Mostert enjoyed reuniting with his former field-mate from the San Francisco 49ers.

“I remember when he went in without a draft and didn’t know if he would get into the team,” said Mostert.

“Me and he sat in my car and chatted a bit because I’m a clumsy guy too, now look at us. We’re both still in the league. I gave him a few words of encouragement then and said, “Hey, don’t worry about that, brother. You will be good. And now it pays off. “

Mostert also felt for fellow runner Chase Edmonds, who was traded to Denver in exchange for Chubb.

“I built a strong bond with him,” he said, “and it’s always hard when you see a teammate, your brother, gets transferred to another team. I hope it’s the best for him. “

Rowe’s status

Dolphin safety veteran Eric Rowe tweeted: “I’m just as shocked …” when the team made him inactivity to win the Detroit Lions last Sunday, despite Brandon Jones being knocked out.

“As I wrote on Twitter, I was shocked,” South Florida Sun Sentinel told Rowe on Wednesday. “I know how this business works, having been in the league for a while. You just have to move on. “

Rowe’s explanation?

“Same, Mike [McDaniel] he said, said Rowe.

McDaniel was not asked by reporters about Rowe’s shutdown between Monday’s press conference and Wednesday’s morning session, but Sunday’s CBS broadcast said the decision concerned special teams.

Rowe hopes to see the action in other duels.

“I’m just getting ready as if I’m going to be there,” said Rowe. “It’s a new week, a new team.”

Wednesday Updates

The Dolphins had six missed training players: Tackles Terron Armstead (toes) and Austin Jackson (ankle / calf), defender Xavien Howard (veteran rest), outside defender Melvin Ingram (vet rest), wide receiver River Cracraft (disease) and defensive gear John Jenkins (personal).

Miami has signed offensive lineman Lamont Gaillard to their training squad. Gaillard played 13 NFL games with two starts for the Arizona Cardinals in 2020. He is a Georgia graduate who took part in the sixth round draft in 2019.


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