Dolphins Tua Tagovailoa’s enhanced quarterback was an interesting mix of honesty, insight, and “f*ck you” on the podium on Wednesday.

And that was f*cking great.

More importantly, he seems to be having a good time on and off the pitch which is worth seeing.

Tagovailoa addressed the conversation about the Super Bowland he made a funny shot at critics (yes, I was among them) who doubted he would be able to successfully throw a deep ball.

Meanwhile, he talked about the Chicago Bears (3-5) turned out to be the Dolphins (5-3) opponent on Sunday, and how different their defense looks without Roquan Smith’s linebacker and Robert Quinn’s Edge rusher, both of them have recently been replaced. (Quinn to Philadelphia and Smith to Baltimore).

But it’s boring stuff.

The good thing was that Tua is Tua.

Asked if Tuesday transactions To get Bradley Chubb’s rusher pass and escape Jeff Wilson Jr. lay claiming for the Dolphins Super Bowl, Tagovailoa gave a clear answer – yes.

“We’re not afraid to talk about the Super Bowls here,” he said, and later added that “he has full confidence that we can.”

This is what you want to hear from your quarterback.

More importantly, this is what you want to hear from Tagovailoa, the (almost) officially anointed Dolphins quarterback.

CEO Chris Grier, who is always careful about such topics, did not address directly whether the deals he arranged made Dolphins a contender for the Super Bowl.

“I don’t do predictions and everything,” said Grier, “but I think we have a good team that has a chance to compete and win some games in the future.”

This is about as much as Grier touches on such a topic.

Tagovailoa, who has pinched his incredible accuracy this season, with 12 touchdowns, three steals and a league-leading 112.7 passes, made no mistake.

That said, the players knew what they had with this team all year long.

“I think during OTA (organized team activities) and throughout the training camp, we could see the potential we had as an offensive and defensive team,” he said.

And now the organization has offered Tagovailoa a vote of confidence in several ways.

Getting Chubb and Wilson in an eye-catching deal is only part of the story.

Another part of the story was that Tagovailoa received a huge vote of confidence from the dolphin trade front office.

Dolphins sent his selection in the first round of 2023 to Denver in the Chubb acquisition trade. Combine that with the first round choice they lost in the Steve Ross manipulation judgment, and they have no first round choice that they could potentially use on the quarterback next year.

But that’s okay because the Dolphins believe they have their quarterback in Tagovailoa.

Coach Mike McDaniel was asked that Tagovailoa is a “guy”.

“I’d say you are right on all fronts that I fully saw Tua as our quarterback for this team and this series from the start,” said McDaniel. “I think he has incredible talent. So I think in a roundabout way, I think this implication, I think it’s fair. “

So here’s a complete team, featuring the quarterback and franchise ready to run to the Super Bowl.

Tagovailoa, you could say, loves this situation.

Usually cautious but always polite in his media comments, he was full of energy following Sunday’s 31-27 victory in Detroit.

Good vibes continued on Wednesday.

Tagovailoa was asked where he grew up lately.

“Well, I think I’ve grown a lot with deep balls, huh? Are we not thinking? he asked with a smile. “It was probably a subtle stab, but it was a stab.”

It’s a fair blow.

And it is appreciated.

It’s good to see Tagovailoa enjoying himself, especially after all the criticism he has embraced.

Tagovailoa said he felt support from the organization since they acquired the Tyreek Hill wide receiver and pulled out of Raheem Mostert out of season.

It’s probably a different feeling from the previous two seasons when he faced a variety of situations, from the unlikely move to the bench to the reported quarrel after the break with ex-coach Brian Flores.

Tagovailoa has not yet answered all critics’ questions. He still has to win. But he does what he can. Maybe he even takes names, and that would be fine. The best part is that she seems to be having a good time.


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