Dolphins from Miami lost Thursday’s game against Cincinnati Bengals27-15, but the bigger problem was their loss of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa due to head and neck injuries.

Tagovailoa was removed from the field on a stretcher in the second quarter at the Paycor Stadium. The third year quarterback was quickly sidelined for the remainder of the game with a head and neck injury.

“Tua Tagovailoa was taken to a local hospital for further evaluationyouia, ”said Delfiny in a statement. “He is conscious and moves in all limbs.”

Amazon Prime Video reported that Tagovailoa was taken to Cincinnati University medical facilities. At the end of the match, Amazon also announced that Tagovailoa is to be discharged from the hospital and return with the team to South Florida, as confirmed by Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel after the match.

Tagovailoa, who had already played for back and ankle injuries, was turned and thrown onto the pitch by Josh Tupou’s Bengali nasal carrier.

Tagovailoa landed on his aching back during a brutal takedown, the back of his head hitting the ground hard from the whip hit. Tagovailoa appeared to lie still as he was watched on the pitch for several minutes before being taken on a stretcher. He lay down on the ground with his hands up, his left index finger stuck in an awkward inward position.

“It was a terrifying moment,” said McDaniel. “It was an emotional moment that wasn’t part of the deal that anyone signed up for, even though you know that in football there is an opportunity to do something that you have to take off on a stretcher.

“All of his teammates, me, were all very concerned. The best news we can get is that everything is proven, he had nothing more serious than a concussion.

Said substitute quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who sacked Tagovailoa after his departure, “In the beginning there was complete silence because our first concern is Tua. … [Hearing that he was able to travel back]it felt good. You could see the guys were improving their spirits and that was great news.

Connor Williams Center added: “He is our heart. There’s a lot of excitement inside, just going through it, getting together and playing for him at the end of the day.

The broadcast focused more on Tagovailoa’s injury coverage than the game itself, where the Dolphins fought behind Bridgewater, but they cut off their three-game win streak to kick off the season.

“We’ve all played a lot of soccer, but it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever seen,” said Amazon analyst Ryan Fitzpatrick, who was Tagovailoa’s teammate in his 2020 rookie season in Miami. Fitzpatrick added that he spoke to Tagovailoa on Wednesday night and it was the happiest he had ever seen.

Tagovailoa showed up suspiciously on Thursday after suffering from back and ankle injuries in Sunday’s win over the Buffalo Bills that made him leave and return to play at the Hard Rock Stadium. It was also believed that he had sustained a head injury against Buffalo initially before it was made clear that he had suffered back and ankle complaints.

The NFL Players’ Association, which is examining the procedures that allowed Tagovailoa to come back in the second half against the statutes, released a statement on Thursday night: “The health and safety of players is at the heart of the union’s mission. Our concern today is for Tua, and we hope for a full and quick recovery. Our investigation into a potential violation of protocol is ongoing. ”

After the game, McDaniel defended the team’s decision to play for Tagovailoa on Thursday.

Tagovailoa came 8 out of 14 out of 110 yards and had the intercept at the time of injury. He looked sharply at multiple throws over the center to open the Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle receivers. He gave another good looking throw to end Mike Gesicki’s fight between the four defenders in the zone. The Tagovailoi interception followed the throwing of a deep ball intended for Hill.

Bridgewater, who ironically suffered a concussion against Cincinnati last December at the Denver Broncos, finished 14th out of 23 for 193 yards, a touchdown and intercept. Hill had 160 yards of receptions for Miami for 10 receptions.

Cincinnati quarterback Joe Burrow was 20 out of 31 for 287 yards and two touchdowns.

The Bengals took the lead in the fourth quarter from Miami after a 43-yard pass from Burrow to Tyler Boyd put them on the 10-yard line in Miami. They were satisfied with a three-way lead and Andrew Van Ginkel led Joe Mixon’s losing 1-yard run. A field goal of 57 yards from Evan McPherson with more than six minutes left gave Bengal a 20-15 advantage.

Driving through Cincinnati territory, Bridgewater was intercepted by Bengali security Vonna Bell, who made up his second pick of the evening after Bridgewater missed Gesicki. Cincinnati put the score out of range on a 2-yard pass from Burrow to the tight end of Hayden Hurst.

“It was a hot situation. I just tried to hit the ball to beat a defender, ”said Bridgewater. “He just swam a little.”

Bridgewater had previously hit Hill, making a pass 64 yards above Bengal’s defense in the third quarter, leading to a short 2:40 midfield goal early in the period. Miami took the lead 15-14, entering fourth place.

Bridgewater was 6 out of 7 by 71 yards and the touchdown to end the first half. He drove a nine-play, 75-yard drive that was constrained by a short shovel pass which Chase Edmonds took running back for a score of 7 yards after breaking multiple att*cks. The extra point that followed missed the vertical.

This brought the Dolphins closer to the Bengals, aged 14-12, having previously handed over a 59-yard touchdown pass from Burrow to the Tee Higgins receiver, which defeated Xavien Howard’s Miami corner in the game. Higgins was driving Cincinnati with 124 receiving yards.

The evening started with the Dolphins which allowed the Bengals to quickly score a goal in a 9-play, 75-yard run, culminating in a Mixon’s 5-yard run, in which many of the offensive Cincinnati liners got behind him to push him over the goal line after how he got up outside the yard to get the first strike. Cornerback Keion Crossen, who launched dolphins for the first time on Thursday, received a critical, unnecessary penalty for roughness in the series that brought Bengals into the red zone.

Meanwhile, Miami was driving down the pitch but opted for a short field goal in the opening after Edmonds was eliminated, which would have been a touchdown in the rear end zone. Tagovailoa was 4 from 6 to 64 yards in the first round, looking tough early on, with his first two kicks going to Hill and Waddle open over mid for gains of 26 and 20 yards.

Tagovailoa, playing for the better part of the first quarter, made the mistake of beating Hill against two defenders deeply as Hill stepped on them. Bell intercepted a throw that was short and too late. Tagovailoa just gave his impressive throw to Gesicki for 21 yards between four defenders in the zone.

The Dolphins came out unscathed, however, as safety Eric Rowe made the great fourth round against Mixon when Bengali coach Zac Taylor made it fourth to 1, on the pitch on the short side. dolphins scanned the field. Miami scored an off-field goal after they flipped Cincinnati down to bite off their early deficit in the middle of the second quarter, 7-6.

After playing on Thursday, the Dolphins have the weekend off, serving as a mini-farewell week. They return for week 5, at the New York Jets, on October 9.


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