You wanted and all-round dominant performance? You have an overall dominant performance.

After the Miami Dolphins needed an att*ck to take a defense or vice versa in their first six victories of the season, finally they put together a complete game on both sides of the ball.

The dolphins played third consecutive quarterback Tua Tagovailoa with three touchdowns, he ran 195 yards to the peak of the season and had a strong defense for most of the afternoon. beating the Cleveland Browns, 39-17, on Sunday afternoon at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Miami, which starts playing the most consistent football, is ending the 7-3 goodbye week to kick off the best 10-game start to the series since 2001.

Coupled with the Buffalo Bills defeat in extra time against the Minnesota Vikings later Sunday, the Dolphins are placed first at AFC East and second only to the Kansas City Chiefs in the conference.

Tagovailoa, after leading the Dolphins to penalties wins over Lions and Bears in the last two weeks, had another stellar performance, making 25 out of 32 passes for 285 yards, three touchdowns and no steals. It was a good result for 135 passes, after Tagovailoa’s two highest appearances in his career, 138.7 against the Lions and 135.7 at the Bears. Dolphins are 13-1 in the last 14 games Tagovailoa started and finished, starting last season.

He and the Miami offensive smashed Sunday’s brawl with the Browns (3-6) between the end of the first half and the start of the second. Starting on the ball after the break, the Dolphins doubled up after scoring just before the break.

The Dolphins took the lead 17-7 at half-time when Tagovailoa faced Trent Sherfield in the corner of the finishing zone, while Sherfield patted his fingers on his fingers during the first Miami touchdown, two weeks after one was knocked out in Detroit.

“That ball wasn’t even going to hit me,” said Sherfield, who joked that it was his second time in the dolphin end zone. “I just looked straight into the air and just knew it was there. Tua trusted me to go play. It was a great ball.

A well placed pass from the third year playmaker came shortly after the rope he threw on the sideline in a quick exit to Jaylen Waddle to convert third and sixth.

Then, the Miami opening of the second half went 70 yards in six games, with Raheem Mostert’s 24-yard touchdown completing that score.

In what was the Dolphins’ greatest thrilling performance of the season, newcomer Jeff Wilson covered 119 yards out of 17 passes and Mostert finished 65 out of eight attempts – both with a quick touchdown.

Miami’s defensive held most of the time, except for the first cut in which Cleveland easily maneuvered down the pitch and a 33-yard touchdown to play Browns who rebounded Nick Chubb at the start of the fourth quarter.

Chubb finished 63 yards – 33 yards on touchdown. The Dolphins recovered Chubb’s b*rials that Zach Sieler forced, and Xavien Howard secured in the first half. Cleveland quarterback Jacoby Brissett, a Palm Beach County player who once played Dwyer High and supported the Dolphs last season, made 22 from 35 to 212 yards and a touchdown without interception. Miami

After two touchdowns between the end of the first half and the start of the second, Tagovailoa found Tyreek Hill shortly in the middle for a score of 2 yards. After a late spin in the falls, Wilson scored a touchdown of 20 yards.

The Browns opened the scoring on Sunday with a double connection to South Florida when Brissett launched a 1-yard touchdown to Harrison Bryant’s former Florida Atlantic tight end. Miami allowed a 48-yard return to Jerome Ford at the opening opening and a 38-yard pass from Brissett to Donovan Peoples-Jones in the first game of the scuffle. Jerome Baker’s transition disruptions set Cleveland to 1.

The dolphins responded with an opening in which they had 42 yards of hurry and 42 passing and were limited by receiving Alec Ingold’s 13 yards touchdown from Tagovailoa. Miami converted fourth and 1st on their side of the field to Wilson, who later also had a physical 18-yard runner.

By the time the first quarter was over, the Dolphins turned the Browns and Howard recovered the fumble Chubba that was forced by Sieler. At the start of the second quarter, Miami traded that to 3 points from Jason Sanders’ 39-yard field throw after Tagovailoa found Jaylen Waddle for a 29m piece on a skinny post deep above the center.

Miami pickup statistics were spread out. Waddle had 66 yards to pickup, Sherfield 63, defender Ingold 45, Hill 44, and tight end Mike Gesicki was 31.

The only possession Miami failed to score was a relegation loss in a fourth-to-1 match, where the team was in close range for a 14-yard field shot from Cleveland in the first half and final kneels.

Bradley Chubb entered his first game against the Dolphins in his second leg against his new side, sharing the first quarter with Christian Wilkins. Later in the first half, Wilkins shared another sack with Melvin Ingram in a game where Chubb also put pressure on the edge. In the fourth quarter, Ingram teamed up with Jaelan Phillips for a third sack in Miami.

Wilkins was also awarded a penalty kick in the third quarter which extended the Browns’ action and scored a clear goal.

Sanders lost a few extra points during two Sunday’s customs trials.

The Dolphins have their week idle and are back in action on November 27 against the Houston Texans at the Hard Rock Stadium.

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