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Don Mancini, the creator of children’s games.

Teenager Jack Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) carries a smiling doll under his middle school hall.۔

Jack Wheeler (Zachary Arthur) brings his new friend to school.
Image: Steve Wilkie / SYFY.

The return of the mill! Plastic face, orange haired terror. Of Children’s game Movies Is His own TV show Arriving Safe and America tonight., And good news for fans of the cult beloved horror franchise: Grinder It is very true According to the spirit of the moviesFocusing on the young cast, the mill also made room for some people familiar with the past. Even better, one installment of it changes the TV format to the creator. Don Mansini Room for bringing in new elements, including a detailed story by Charles Lee Ray – as Chuckie was previously known to use black magic to transform his dead soul into a doll.

The TV series begins with Jack (Zachary Arthur), a lone teen who is only gay, buys a good boy’s doll at a yard sale, first to use it in a sculpture made of doll parts. Intends, then he decides to sell it on eBay, Then Understanding the grinder (voiced by Brad Dorif) is no ordinary toy. Bloodshed, destruction and tragedy soon follow Jack, which is the last thing he wants as he avoids bullying his cousin Jr. (Tue Bryans) and Jr.’s girlfriend Lexi (Olivia Elaine Lund). Classmate, Devin (Borgen Arnarsen), who hosts a real crime podcast. io9 got a chance to watch the first four episodes, and while we won’t hurt anyone. Grinder Plot points here, we had the opportunity to talk to Mancini and his young cast about some of the show’s big topics.

The mill doesn't like Lexi either.۔

The mill doesn’t like Lexi either.
Image: Photo by: Steve Wilkie / SYFY.

Next in a round table interview. GrinderAt the premiere, Mancini explained to io9 and the rest of the press why he preferred to get eight TV episodes to tell the latest chapter of the mill story, rather than limit things to a single movie. “Because you have more real estate to tell the story, we have more time to engage you with the characters, who at first seem to have one thing on their face, but then you get to know something about them. And it turns out and we start peeling. The onion is far away, “said Mansini. “For example, Lexi was a terrible bully in the beginning. By the end of the second episode, I think you’re connecting the mill and the jack to get it. But then as soon as we do the mill in the third installment. We start to learn a little bit more about why Lexi treats her, because things are going well in her own family. Then you’re going to say, ‘Oh. “Wait a minute, she’s not that bad. In fact, she’s in pain.” And I think having more time and space increases stress because you know them a lot better than humans in a 90 minute movie.

Jack’s Lexi bullying is particularly brutal in the early episodes, which Lund addresses (“I’m terrified of him”) – but he also says that Lexi is far from the show’s worst bully. “What Don is saying, which I like, is that the mill is the best form of bully. He comes to you, tells you to be your ‘friend to the end,’ and then he connects you and He does to you what He wants you to do.

You know the grinder won't go down like that.۔

You know the grinder won’t go down like that.
Image: Steve Wilkie / Safe.

The grinder can be a huge asshole in some respects, apart from all this “kill crazy crazy thing”, but in other ways it’s a surprisingly progressive character. “I think it’s interesting to do something because of the lack of a better term – a modest social mission or social statement, but with a terrifying character on it known as the mill,” he said. It’s a special kind of humor, especially, “said Mancini.

Mansini added, “My favorite conversations on the show are when Chuckie is reading Jack’s diary. And he says to Jack, ‘You should call him Devin, Devin, Devin’ and Jack is embarrassed. Says, ‘You know, I have a weird kid,’ and Jack is like, what? And are you happy with that? And Chuckie says, ‘Well, I’m not. Monster, Jack. “I like to think about the years and movies that we have. [brought dimension to] The grinder is somewhat unusual, I mean, we’ve seen her home life, her family life, her difficult marriage, and she had a gender fluid baby and she struggled with it. Mill seed, But in the end came to accept it. So, you know, he’s in a good position to be Jack’s seemingly ally in this way because he’s not biased. She is not gay. He is not a racist. He is just a psychiatrist who does not discriminate. He will kill anyone! “

While GrinderEarly episodes spend most of their time introducing the show’s minor characters, with hints that action movies will begin to connect. “We definitely pick the story threads that I left on several cliff hangers. Click off., And I did it very deliberately in the hope of setting up a television series, “Mansini teased, while also reminding me that in the later episodes of the show, there will be a return of several fan favorites. Children’s game Character “We spend a lot of time with him. [Fiona Dourif’s] Nika, [Jennifer Tilly’s] Tiffany, [Alex Vincent’s] Andy, and [Christine Elise’s] Kelly “

Jack, Chuckie, Jr., and Lexie have an intense locker-side meeting.۔

Jack, Chuckie, Jr., and Lexie have an intense locker-side meeting.
Image: Steve Wilkie / Safe.

While Arthur, Bryans, Lund, and Arnarson, aged between 14 and 16, are new to the mill world, they quickly learned that not only is there a force to be reckoned with – here is Arnardson , Shaking on a flame. Set memory, “I think it was weird when they weren’t using it. [the doll prop]… [I’d see] The mill and that’s exactly it. I am watching On me “- but also that Children’s game Movies have such devoted fans. “When I was growing up, I was never allowed to watch rated horror movies,” Arthur said. “[But] When I found out that I was auditioning for the role, I actually played it. Children’s game Like the two-day series, they were more entertaining than I expected. “

Bryans, who said he watched the entire series and liked it, did not anticipate the popularity of the item, which is now a full-fledged part. “I don’t think I’ve really felt the weight of the legacy halfway through filming,” he said. “And then I realized how heavy this franchise is and how excited the fans are. It definitely made me a little nervous and, you know, ‘God, am I doing this right?’ But then it also made me very excited, because now it’s in TV format instead of movies, we have a lot to say with our characters and the story. It gave me a really good sense of success when we finished the show. – And when we got a little peek at the show, I felt like we were making the audience proud. I hope everyone likes it. “

Grinder Premiere tonight, October 12, on USA and Safe.

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