Donald Trump Jr. condemned the extensive civil fraud suit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James as “a witch hunt” because the majority of other Republicans remained silent.

The ex-president’s son wasted no time proposing an exaggerated att*ck on James after she accused family members of organizing a long-standing scam on their eponymous real estate firm.

“The hunt for bulls-t Dem for witches continues!” Trump Jr. he tweeted along with an unflattering photo of James.

Eric Trump, Donald Trump’s second adult son, also ridiculed the lawsuit as a “joke.”

“Not a political” witch hunt ?! ” What a joke … ” Eric Trump wrote on Twitter.

Former President Donald Trump himself did not immediately react to James’ announcement on his social media page. Or Ivanka Trump.

The lawsuit lists three of Trump’s siblings, along with Trump’s father and longtime CFO Allan Weisselberg, who recently pleaded guilty in a separate fraud investigation.

James’ lawsuit cited a diagram that included at least 200 separate false claims about the value of Trump’s real estate. His goal is essentially to get Trump Org out of business in New York State and impose incapacitating fines on him.


Donald Trump and Eric Trump have invoked the Fifth Amendment hundreds of times when they were questioned by investigators in James’ office. Don Jr. and Ivanka were happy to answer questions.

New York State Republican Party chairman Nick Langworthy denounced the trial as “the most brazen political feat I have ever seen in my life.”


Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) Trump’s sons repeatedcalling the suit “The longest witch hunt ever!”

But other Trump loyalists remained silent, perhaps because the accusations relate to the interests of the former president, not his actions as president or de facto leader of the GOP.

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