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There’s a difference when it comes to sending the latest messages from the Miami Heat.

Yep, they like their roster, don’t feel compelled to take another step this season, don’t feel upset or squeezed by what’s going on Brooklyn Nets About Kevin Durant Or maybe even how the Utah Jazz is producing The Danny Ange Show about Donovan Mitchell.

But liking your roster doesn’t mean you’re done.

And that, especially at this time of year, with two months left before training camp begins, is a significant limitation.

Miami Dolphins? They can claim to be done, with the opening of their training camp. The time there matters. Reconciliation has a specific timetable.

But the way things stand up to the heat, there is only one surefire way to both say and show that they are satisfied, both to say and show an enduring belief in the weary saw. For, “we have enough.”

This will happen when they are a . will sign Contract extension with Tyler Harrow,

Because at the time, based on the limited supply of their tradable assets, with an ultimate transparency when they will be sending the final signal.

Once the Heroes are signed to an extension, he is essentially ineligible for the 2022–23 season, as his outgoing salary is above the salary cap as compared to the Heat as a working team. will increasingly be higher, which may in turn withdraw.

Making the move to Durant or Mitchell or any other big-ticket business target becomes far more complicated if HERO is off the table.

In fact, this is where the Heat stood during the 2020 season, after advancing to the NBA Finals at the pandemic-delayed end of last season in a Disney bubble setting.

At the time, the possibility remained that the Heat were potentially making a future play for Giannis Antetokounmpo, whose contract with the Bucks was expiring.

But that was also when the clock was ticking for Bam Adebayo to extend the deadline.

In an ideal world, instead of closing a door on Antetokounmpo, Heat would be waiting on Adebayo, as distant as it could possibly be.

Instead, the Heat locked Adebayo in its expansion, removed themselves from the salary-cap space race in the 2021 off-season, and moved on with what was in place.

signal sent. made a statement. Clarity offered.

Now, with the Durant saga brimming with twists and turns in what could be a never-ending Durant saga, there is a perception that teams are being played by the Nets, the off-seasons being held hostage.

Heat may, at times, require pushbacks, as they are often in the middle of it all.

It has the curse of being a desirable destination, which is viewed with respect as the godfather of Pat Riley, with the beautiful mind of Andy Ellisberg to do even the highest math work.

Over the years, that’s the part that’s stingy, the notion of falling short, even going against the adage that you never miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

So when the Heat sided with Gordon Hayward twice and Short came on, failure was attached. Same with Durant’s 2016 courtship when he chose the Golden State Warriors. It is the same with all other aggressive dreams, including Antetokounmpo’s.

Thus the latest message.

Adding Durant would be a Grand Slam. Adding Michelle would be a homerun. Rising to Power Will Be Extra-Based Success,

Even without such a move, the Heat are still considered a top-four-of-talent in the Eastern Conference. It’s not like Adebayo, Herro and Jimmy Butler are gone. Not that Kyle Lowry hasn’t taken stock of a different type of heat messaging, in his case Riley’s bluntness when it comes to conditioning older players.

So, no, the Heat is not being played by the Nets or the Jazz or any NBA disruptors this offseason.

And, yes, they are making it clear that they like the place it is.

But even this should not be taken as they are done.

When/if HERO is expanded, they probably will.

For now, still open for business, with a list they are also slated to display for 2022-23.


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