Dorchester man arrested after clash with police during mayor’s event


Police told the man and other protesters not to use bullhorns, but the man allegedly defied the authorities.

A Dorchester man was arrested on Wednesday for violating a city ordinance after using a bullhorn to protest the administration of Mayor Michelle Wu and protesting arrest during a community event hosted by the mayor at a local park went.

Sean Nelson, 43, was arrested after a clash with officers at Ronan Park, where Wu held “coffee hour”, a casual event where residents could get free coffee, potted plants and other gifts, and from Wu. can join, dorchester reporter reports,

According to the newspaper, Nelson was in the park with a group of protesters who have frequently harassed and harassed Wu in recent months over his administration’s COVID-19 policies.

About 20 minutes after the incident began, protesters began using bullhorns and chanting slogans – many of them containing obscenity – at Wu, the outlet reports.

Police officials had previously said that protesters would not be allowed to bullhorn during the event as the Parks Department only allowed DJs for the event and an amplified microphone for use by public speakers. Reporter. Officers warned protesters that they would confiscate any bullhorn used, although Nelson said police would not take it from him and that they would not touch it, the newspaper reports.

As the slogans raised, officials tried to separate the protesters from the place where the event was taking place. As Wu arrived, Nelson sighed in his bullhorn, and began to yell and “stretch your arms and kick your legs,” reporter wrote.

Officers tried to subdue Nelson, but he tried to get his bullhorn back from the police and turned and began running in the direction of Wu to try to regain control, as several officers lashed out at him. hung, according to the newspaper. After this the officers lowered him to the ground.

Nelson refused to walk up to a police vehicle after being handcuffed, and the police said they would have to take him with them, reporter Report. Nelson is also accused of disturbing the peace.

Two officers received minor injuries.

Afterwards, the remaining protesters continued to try to disrupt the event as Wu and city councilors Frank Baker and Brian Worrell addressed residents, the publication reports. At one point, a group of demonstrators yelled at a boy and his mother, who attempted to take a picture with Wu, and also yelled at a priest. Reporter.

“Our neighborhood coffee hours are an opportunity to speak directly with residents of our communities and address constituent concerns with city employees from the many departments we have in our parks,” Wu said in a statement. reporter, “I am grateful to the Greeley Tribune Police Department for their prompt actions this morning to ensure that our residents can safely enjoy today’s coffee hour at Ronan Park.”

According to WBURProtesters gathered outside Wu’s home in Roslindale on Wednesday evening, to voice their disapproval of Nelson’s arrest.

Protesters held demonstrations outside Wu’s home over COVID-19 policies for months earlier this year, but in April an ordinance by city officials barring protests outside homes between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. After they were passed, those protests stopped.

“There was no reason for his megaphone to be confiscated,” one of the protesters, who identified WBUR only as “Kevin” and told the radio station he was from western Massachusetts, said Wednesday evening. “They had no reason to deal with him and arrest him – just to do what we’re doing here.”

Several neighbors asked the protesters to stop using their megaphones and interact with them, but when the demonstrators refused to do so, residents called 911 to start complaining about the noise, WBUR’s Report.

Eventually, Greeley Tribune Police Capt. Kelly McCormick, who is also the Deputy Superintendent and Commander of Homeland Security for Greeley Tribune, told the protesters that a permit is required to use the megaphone and that the protesters must disperse peacefully before 9 p.m. – is dispersed, according to the news station.

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