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Downing Street declined to say whether the prime minister was on holiday at Goldsmith’s Spanish villa.

No. 10 declined to say whether. Boris Johnson The minister is on leave Lord GoldsmithLuxurious Spanish villa, as the government faces charges of keeping it “out of office” during the crisis.

Then comes. Mirror It is reported that the Prime Minister is enjoying the holidays. Costa del sol The villa, owned by Lord Goldsmith, was made a life adviser by the Prime Minister in 2019 after losing his Commons seat.

Asked if the prime minister had paid for the holiday himself – or whether the visit was a donation – an official spokesman for the prime minister said: “Any announcement will be made as usual, but I have nothing to add. There is nothing. ”

Asked about reports that Mr Johnson was staying at Lord Goldsmith’s Marbella Villa in the environment, he added: “I will not go anywhere for security reasons.”

“Any necessary announcements will be made in the normal way.”

Downing Street also insisted that the prime minister remain “in charge” of the government – the recently appointed deputy prime minister Dominic Raab rejects the proposal.

On Monday, Mr Johnson called both Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The prime minister’s spokesman added: “The prime minister is always in charge, as he always is.

“The deputy prime minister has a key role to play, including stepping down for prime minister in parliament. Obviously we are on vacation at the moment, but the prime minister has called on the leaders and there will be others to follow.” ۔ ”

The remarks came as Mr Johnson faced criticism from Labor for going to Marbella with his family because the government was dealing with a deep energy crisis and concerns about the cost of living.

“In the teeth of the crisis of its formation, the government has taken it out of office,” said Bridget Phillipson, the shadow chief secretary of the Treasury.

He added: “The two main government departments responsible for the current cost of living have clashed this morning over whether they are talking to each other.

“What nonsense. If government ministers can’t even tell the truth about each other, then what do we expect from the challenges facing our country? We need immediate answers as to who is running the show.”

The government needs to get a grip because the British people are paying the price for the incompetence of the Prime Minister.

Earlier, however, Interior Minister Damien Hinds defended the prime minister’s decision to go on leave. Sky News.“When is the right time? I think it’s important that people have a chance to have some fun with their families.”

“But I don’t want you to promote the comfort and ease you get as Prime Minister because I say you are in constant touch, you are constantly briefed and you are in charge of the government.”

He later added: “For the rest of us, what’s really important for the whole country is that the prime minister gets some family time, some breaks.”

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