Dr. Mehmet Oz faced mockery on social media after his loss to Democrat candidate John Fetterman in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

After converting 91 percent of the vote on Wednesday morning, Fetterman led Oz with 50 percent of the vote to 47.6 percent of Republican votes, while libertarian candidate Erik Gerhardt won 1.4 percent of the vote.

The Associated Press has announced the race in Fetterman’s favor, but it will take some time for the results to be officially announced.

Republican US Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz answers short questions after voting at Bryn Athyn Borough Hall on November 8, 2022 in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania. Dr. Oz faced mockery on social media after his loss to opponent John Fetterman.

After winning, Fetterman addressed his followers and said, “I am so humble. Thank you very much indeed. We started this campaign almost two years ago and had our slogan, it is on each of these signs now – in every county, every vote.

Every county, every vote. And that’s exactly what happened. We dr*wned them out. We kept the line. “

Fetterman’s supporters and critics of Dr. Oz delighted in his failure and joked about the result.

Night chat host and comedian Jimmy Kimmel shared a photo of a smiling Oprah Winfrey imposed on Game of Thrones Cersei Lannister’s character as image signator: “Oprah watches Dr. Oz fall into flames.”

Last week, Oprah Winfrey announced her support for Fetterman at the Pennsylvania race.

Author Kashana Cauley also tweeted: “Dr. Oz furiously dips asparagus in salsa,” referring to a video from Dr. Oz’s campaign where he saw him buying raw food in a store.

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