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Drake Perendo, Proctor High School football coach, resigned amid reports of a brutal Minnesota crash

A longtime Minnesota high school football coach has resigned during a police investigation into Hedging, saying students say a soccer player was forcibly pressured and molested.

Practitioner High School head coach Derek Perendo resigned from all positions with the school district on Monday night, Superintendent John Engelking said. Daulat News Tribune.. Perendo has served as a football coach since 2008, and worked for the school district for 21 years. The school board accepted a separation agreement with the coach late Monday.

His resignation is the latest development in a twisted story that has gripped the suburbs of Duluth for three weeks and offered school officials counseling students. While school officials and the Proctor Police Department have only confirmed that the investigation includes allegations of “serious misconduct” against the football team, several students were interviewed. CBS Minnesota Described a brutal hedging incident last week that was posted on social media.

“It’s bad, it’s bad,” Phoenix Kosky, a senior high school student, told News Outlet. Several students reported that a football player was forcibly stopped while a teammate used something to insult him. Videos and photos of the attack are said to have spread like wildfire on SnapChat.

The school later canceled the entire football season at the end of last month, although officials are tight-lipped about the specific allegations that led to the police investigation.

At a school board meeting late Monday, Engelking cited privacy rules because no further details were released, according to MoneyPolice. Star Tribune.. Despite the school district’s silence, he said, the investigation has been “all-encompassing.”

“You need to know that we are doing everything we can to help our students and staff,” Engelking said.

The absence of an official explanation has raised concerns among students and parents in the school community.

To make matters worse, the scandal came just weeks after a former high school basketball coach and district teacher was charged with first- and third-degree criminal sex. Police say Todd R. Clark raped a 15-year-old student.

“It hurts me to know that my siblings are at this school,” Stephen Carlson, who graduated from Proctor High in 2016, told Minneapolis. Star Tribune.. “Nothing is being done about toxic behavior at school,” he said.

With three children attending district schools, Amanda Fitzsimmons said. Star Tribune. That the parents were on the sidelines too, and the school officials were not making things easy.

“The rumors are serious enough that the school should be able to tell us. [at least] That they are safe, “he said.” We only had one teacher charged with criminal sex. I think we deserve more than that ‘our school was rude.’ I think it will calm the rumors if they say; people will be held accountable.

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