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Drivers take legal action for Amazon’s employment rights.

Amazon. Faced with job claims from lawyers who could pay up to 140 140 million to comfortable delivery drivers to the online giant, it could open a new front in the economic war.

At least 3,000 drivers may be entitled to an average of 500 10,500 in compensation each year for the company they provide. Lee Day Claims

The law firm has announced that it is launching a lawsuit against a group of drivers who have been classified as self-employed by Amazon’s “Delivery Service Partners” program. There is no employment contract and they are not entitled to holiday pay and minimum wage.

But Lee argued that drivers are entitled to these rights because Amazon dictates the work of drivers and how they fit into Amazon’s business.

“What we’ve heard from our customers is that Amazon is delivering short-term replacement drivers,” said Kate Robinson, an employment lawyer at Leh Day.

“It’s a shameful move by a company that makes billions of pounds a year. Delivery drivers to Amazon have to work on fixed shifts and book of time, yet Amazon claims to be self-employed.”

The firm, which has already won a landmark. Employment rights The case, filed by Uber drivers, is currently representing two drivers and others seeking to be prosecuted. A spokesman said at least 31 drivers contacted the firm on Wednesday. Free.

The drivers told Lee Day that they are given an estimated time between deliveries through an app, which they have to meet, and are unable to bring the parcels back to the depot, so they must refuel at the end of the day. ۔

The law firm said that when the van is combined with rental, fuel and insurance charges, it can leave them with a lower income.

Amazon has disputed many of the firm’s claims that drivers are paid at least £ 120 per day and are charged for their fuel costs, Amazon does not contact them directly, and He has the option to follow the path suggested on his app or not. , Which provides approximate travel times.

“We are very proud of the drivers who work with their partners across the country to get their customers what they want, whenever they want, wherever they want,” an Amazon spokesperson said.

“We are committed to ensuring that these drivers are compensated by the delivery companies they work with and treat them with respect, and this reflects these positive feedback. That’s what we hear from drivers every day. ”

In addition to Amazon, Lee is bringing similar claims against Ober, Edison Lee, Delivery company Stuart and used car market BCA. It follows a. Supreme Court decision. In February, Uber drivers should be considered workers after six years of legal battles, not self-employed contractors.

Ms Robinson added: “Paying 140 140 million sounds like a big bill, but for a company that made a profit of 8 5.8 billion in the first three months of 2021, it’s a drop in the ocean.

“On the other hand, drivers may have to earn a minimum national minimum wage, take vacation pay and change their lives under a decent employment contract.”

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