Drunk in brother’s wedding and fined for chest thrashing police

A drunk man at his brother’s wedding reception at the Adair Arms Hotel in Ballymena began “beating his chest” when asked by police to calm down, a court was told.

Hilip Mitchell, 24, of Wakehurst Park in Ballymena, pleaded guilty to an allegation of disorderly behavior in relation to October 31 this year.

A prosecutor told the Ballymena Magistrates’ Court that police had appeared at the hotel at 12.50 in connection with reports of “ongoing disturbances”.

A prosecutor said police saw a large number of people in a car park and Michelle’s mother told police her son had too much to drink and was “causing disturbance” at the ceremony, a prosecutor said. he said.

Officers spoke to the intoxicated defendant who would not stop yelling and swearing and after several warnings and urges to calm down, he began to “beat his chest” and said “then move on”. After that he was arrested.

A defense lawyer said it was the wedding of the defendant’s brother and that it was a “particularly shameful” incident for Michelle that “he was arrested by the police at the end of the night”.

The lawyer said that the defendant had consumed too much alcohol and that his mother had called the police because she wanted him to “go home”.

It was a matter of “drink in the wits out” for Michelle, but the family is now on “good terms again”, the solicitor said.

The solicitor said the defendant was arguing with the police whether or not he was arrested and that his “wish was fulfilled”.

The court heard that Michel had spent the night at a police station.

He was fined 150 pounds.

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