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During the high-speed chase, the police officer cleared the death of the moped rider.

An 18-year-old Metropolitan Police officer has been killed in a speeding chase for dangerous driving.

PC Paul Summerson, 44, was tried earlier this year by Stoke Newton in north London for pursuing 18-year-old moped rider Lewis Johnson and his 19-year-old Louis Kriako.

He was found not guilty in Kingston Crown Court on Tuesday in a count of serious driving deaths and serious driving injuries.

Police believe Mr. Johnson and his passenger were involved in the theft on February 9, 2016, before pursuing.

The court heard that PC Summerson chased Mr. Johnson and his passenger in a police BMW, before reaching the Clinton Common Road, the stock reached speeds of more than 50 mph along Newton High Street and Stamford Hill. Where the collision took place.

At the junction, Mr. Johnson turned left to drive with the white van before colliding with the van and colliding with a pole, causing him and his passenger to fall off the moped.

PC Summerson drove right and left the van with his lights and siren at the same time, and his lawyers said the defendant was not guilty of going to the left of the van driver and colliding with Mr. Johnson.

Mr Johnson died of his injuries and Mr Carricko was critically injured.

During his trial, PC Summerson said he was “devastated by the tragedy” and insisted he was driving safely and two seconds behind the moped.

PC Summerson had earlier said that he was keeping a distance between his car and the moped, that the road conditions were mild and the traffic was light during the chase.

He said he would stay close to protect the moped through a “safety bubble”, a process where police officers use their sirens and lights to make sure other road users could see the chase. And can get out of the way.

His trial first heard several statements from PC Summerson’s colleagues and friends – who had dedicated themselves to his job as a hard worker, professional and police officer.

The jury reversed its finding after an hour and 20 minutes of deliberation.

PC Summerson of Alexander Court, Colchester had no previous conviction and had a clear driver’s license, the court heard.

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