Dylan Cies’ latest strong start puts Chicago White Sox over .500 – and 2 games back at AL Central – to finish July

Chicago White Sox enters August above .500.

Back in spring training, it seemed that breaking camp with World Series aspirations would have been a given given the talent on the team.

But six strong innings from Dylan Siege on Sunday made it a reality as the Sox beat the Oakland Athletics 4-1 at Guaranteed Rate Field in front of 30,028.

Siege allowed one run on four hits with seven strikeouts and a walk to win his fourth consecutive start.

“They are all different (outings),” Siege said, “but it was a bit hairy in the sense that he scored about three home runs in the (second) innings, but luckily two of them went bad. They fought really well. I give them my hat. I am lucky and I am grateful that we came up with this.

“The all-around really good team wins. The offense supported me. The defense was great. The bullpen was great. Can’t make it much better.”

The Sox took two out of three to improve the AK – from the owners of the worst record in the American League – to 51-50.

“You can’t deny that we’re not playing better baseball,” Struggle said. “If we get to our peak and start firing on all cylinders at the right time, it is better to do it late than to hurry. We ended all the rust early.”

this is only the second time Since winning on May 25 That Sox has been a game above .500. The second incident happened on Tuesday with a 2-1 win against the Colorado Rockies.

Sporadic scoring has been part of the issue. Power appeared on Sunday with a home run alone by Jose Abreu and Eloy Jimenez.

Abreu’s homer, 12th of his season, started a three-run rally in the second.

Josh Harrison doubled with two outs and scored a single to the right from Leuri Garcia. Sebi Zavala drove with a double in Garcia, giving the Sox a 3–1 lead.

Jimenez headed right-centre with a homer to finish seventh, making it 4-1.

“He’s looking really good,” Sox manager Tony La Russa said of Jimenez, who has a six-game hitting streak. “And he is doing well in the outfield as well. That’s a big bat there. ,

The only run break allowed was through a second innings homer by Ramon Loreno. Seth Brown and Stephen Piscotti hit long fly balls that went haywire in the innings. Brown struck a ceasefire, and Piscotti flew to the right.

The truce improved to 11-4, reducing their ERA to 2.01.

“I want to be persistent,” he said. “I want to be someone you can count on. So to give us a chance to win almost every time, that’s about as much as I can ask for.”

The struggle is 7-2 with an average of 0.51 ERA, 90 strikeouts and .180 opponents in his last 12 starts. All the runs he conceded during the stretch were single home runs.

“I have that kind of stuff where I just have to attack the zone and get ahead of the guys,” Siege said. “My defense has been great. SEBI has been incredible there (holding). So it’s really not just me. It’s the coaching staff, everybody.”

Siege is the first Sox pitcher since at least 1913 to record a sub-1.00 ERA in consecutive months with a minimum of 25 innings in each month. He had 0.33 ERA on the way Earning AL Pitcher of the Month Honors in June and 0.76 ERA in July.

“The good thing (is) that he does it in different ways,” La Russa said. “If you’re planning the game against him, he’ll look like this at the start and turn it around and go that way. It’s nice to be able to have such a repertoire.

“His presence is great. I can tell he is confident.”

Reliever Joe Kelly scored a run and was dismissed in a scoreless seventh. It was his first outing since skipping Wednesday’s game in Colorado with right biceps trouble,

“Now the key is to keep him healthy, to keep all those people healthy,” La Russa said.

Kendall Graveman and Liam Hendrix played a scoreless innings as the Sox ended July with 10 wins of their last 15. They are two games behind the AL Central-leading Minnesota Twins.

“We’ve gone through a lot to get to this point,” La Russa said. “We’re in contention, so we’re going to get excited about it and treat every series like it’s the last one we’re going to play and know we have to get a lot of wins.

“What you enjoy most during the regular season is going through the last two months and getting a chance. This is where everything is magnified in every moment and every batting. We are in a position to do so. We just have to win.

“Was hilarious. Although we got here, we’re in contention and Kansas City three times (starting Monday at Guaranteed Rate Field)) That’s fun.”


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