PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Another week, another dominant performance by the Eagles. Philadelphia defeated Washington Commanders, 24-8, on Sunday behind another performance by Jalen Hurts, DeVonta Smith and the Eagles offensive.

Here are three insights from the game:

Pain beats Carson Wentz

Hurts and Carson Wentz are polar opposites. One quarterback was composed, calm and composed, and the other on Sunday kept shooting himself in the leg and making bad decisions.

In the Eagles’ victory over Commanders, Hurts built a good performance in week two and defeated Wentz, the quarterback he replaced in 2020 as a rookie.

Many were skeptical about choosing Hurts, but the risk posed by CEO Howie Roseman seems to be paying off.

The Hurts went 22 by 35 for 340 yards passed and he threw three touchdowns to three different catchers on Sunday. Still looks more enhanced as passing and chained into a few deep takes on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Wentz looked like the Eagles quarterback fans for much of the 2020 season, where he played like the league’s worst quarterback. The lack of awareness of his own pocket and Wentz’s reluctance to get rid of the ball were evident in the first game against his former squad.

Wentz went 25 to 43 out of 211 yards passed. He was also thrown nine times and buried twice, including one that the Eagles recovered.

The rush of the eagles eats

Speaking of passing fever, the Eagles made it to Wentz early. This pressure continued throughout the game.

In total, Eagles scored nine panniers in the win.

Brandon Graham had 2.5 bags and Haason Reddick, Fletcher Cox and Josh Sweat each had 1.5 bags. Javon Hargrave and TJ Edwards added one sack each.

In the first quarter, the Eagles recorded more than 4 panniers for the first time since at least 1994.

It was also the third time since 1991 that Eagles had six sacks in the first half of the game.

The defense of the Eagles also hit Wentz 17 times in the match.

Philadelphia was one of the worst sides to beat passes last season, so it was a good sign that they were moving forward, that they were able to take advantage of Wentz’s weaknesses in their victory.

A great day for Eagles Wideouts

Over the years, Roseman has invested a lot of capital in becoming a general public. He pulled out players like Jalen Reagor and JJ-Arcega-Whiteside, but they were unsuccessful.

But this season the situation of the Eagles has changed. With AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith, Eagles have the best wide-body reception since DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin donned “midnight green.”

Both Smith and Brown made huge moves on Sunday, but Slim Reaper had a lot of great moves.

One of those big catches came at the end of the first half.

In double range, Smith got up and grabbed the ball, scoring 44 yards. The winning Heisman Trophy limited and then was eliminated from a 2-yard touchdown.

Smith established a career peak in retrieving yards and fishing on Sunday. He had eight receptions at 169 yards and one touchdown. After his score, Smith celebrated it by donning the Batman cape.

Former Titan Brown also had a great afternoon. He had five catches 85 yards and one touchdown.

Touchdown was his first Eagle.

Brown pulled the Hurts pass 9 yards diagonally on the third score, giving the Eagles a 17-0 lead. Brown also showed his strength in the game and stretched his arms across the goal line after hitting the commanders’ defensive.

It’s early, but the Eagles passing match looks day and night compared to last season.

Brown and Smith will be giving the opposing teams a headache all year round.

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