PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It’s always a good day after the Eagles win. And while Eagles fans are soaked in the start of a 2-0 season on their side, offensive lineman Lane Johnson has news for anyone going through a bad day or struggling with their mental health.

Lane Johnson became an advocate mental health awareness since opening up about your own struggles last year. In an interview with the newly launched Fan Duel TV, hosted by Kay Adams, Johnson spoke about the resources that help him and the importance of being open-minded.

“It’s about adapting and learning more about myself, that’s what I do, learn more about myself, and get better towards the end… really in a good head space. When talking to people, the younger generation is just a new dynamic that children are encountering nowadays. I think talking and being open with people is the best medicine.

In addition to meeting psychologists and sports therapists, John says it’s really about communicating, getting to know yourself, and breaking down the walls you might have built.

“Being proud of things is really about communicating and being honest with yourself,” Johnson said. “I feel a man can be very stubborn, I speak for myself, I can be stubborn. Sometimes it’s hard for us to fully express ourselves. The best thing is to learn it and be open to your teammates.

You can watch part of Johnson’s interview with the Up and Adams Show in the tweet below.

Last October, Johnson took a two-week vacation from the team to address his mental health issues. After rejoining the team, he told about his journey on social media.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their understanding and support over the past two weeks,” Johnson tweeted. “I appreciate the positive comments and messages as I have worked hard to restore my personal life. Depression and anxiety are things that I have dealt with for a long time and that I have hidden from my friends and family. If you are reading this and struggling, know that you are not alone. I am delighted to be able to rejoin my teammates and coaches. I am grateful to the entire Eagles community and look forward to continuing to play in front of the best fans in the world.

In recent years, athletes across the country have started talking openly about mental health, encouraging anyone who is going through any struggle to get in touch and seek help to take control of their lives and restore their happiness.

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