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Effective, edible, delicious: ideal for making breakfast sandwiches.

What makes a perfect breakfast sandwich?? Like every question, the answer depends on who you ask. But if you’re talking about broad-minded and scientifically engineered food, then at least you Mention McDonald’s Egg McMahon..

I considered it. I dug up my current favorite breakfast sandwich., In which lives. کسمہ – A modern Filipino restaurant and bakery in Chicago’s Ukraine Village neighborhood. These are especially sandwich layers A custard egg souffle square., A caramelized Lonanisa sausage patty, a drizzle of American cheese and hash brown (if you’re all going out) between two halves of squash potatoes. It’s just quite chefy, although this sausage egg has some vague resemblance to McMahon. And everyone loves it – on a good weekend, Kasama takes out about 200 of them between 9 a.m. and noon.

The creators of the sandwich are Kasama’s married owners, chef Tim Flores and pastry chef Jenny Cowan. They always wanted to have a breakfast sandwich on the menu – it was just a matter of fixing it.

“(McDonald’s) was our height, like how close can we get our breakfast sandwich?” Cowan reminded me recently.

Interestingly, the “peak” here applies as much as to the taste and the ability to eat, largely because this little indie meal was opened amid an epidemic (and subsequent crew and ingredients). Lack of which will also prove to be extremely). As veterans of fine dining (Oriole in Chicago and Cowan’s Flores O’Neill in Cena, Eleven Madison Park in New York and Floor Bakery and Cafe in Boston), the couple dials back their stubbornness to make everything from scratch. Had to do

Instead, he took a page from a book on the performance and consistency of the fast food industry. The key test for each prototype involves letting the sandwich sit in your foil jacket for at least 30 minutes before digging.

“When we started working on the breakfast sandwich, the biggest qualification was, is it edible? Can you put it in your lap in the car? And will it sit for a while?” Flores said.

Some answers came easily. Before opening the casma, Flores spent two years completing her Longanisa recipe, a Spanish chorizo ​​ore sausage you’ll find in the slightly sweeter version, in the Philippine province of Pampanga. Furthermore, Flores and Cowan quickly realized that cutting, shaping, cooking, and frying 500 hash-brown patties each week with the staff of Concrete Kitchens makes no sense when suppliers are already too cheap to make permanent fun. Frozen version ready.

Kishma egg sandwich.Kishma egg sandwich. (Maggie Hansie)

Ultimately, bread proved to be the biggest obstacle. For weeks, Flores and Cowan experimented with everything from laminated broccoli and bunnies to milk bread, but either the whole bread exploded or the inside of the sandwich ran out. He did not resolve the issue until one afternoon when he dug into a cheeseburger. Martin’s Potato Rolls. For staff meals

“We were just like that, this bread is the best. Let’s have breakfast sandwiches there,” Flores said. “That’s the gossip. I don’t mean white bread that you like to grow up.”

All in all, they tinkered with sandwiches for about four months before adding a meaty and vegetarian version to the menu in late February. The rest, he says, is history.

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“There is not a single item on the menu that has received a greater response,” Cowan said. “It really helped our morning sales and definitely saved us a few days.”

I wish I knew how long it takes for Herb Patterson to arrive late, which is finally called Egg McMahon, the breakfast sandwich he made as the fast food version of Egg Benedict. When Patterson persuaded the late McDonald’s founder, Ray Crook, to give him a taste at his store in Santa Barbara, California, in 1972, he refused to reveal what he had done, as Crook recalled in his 1977 biography. “Grinding: Made by McDonald’s.. ”

“He didn’t want me to throw it away, which I would have done, because it was a crazy idea – a breakfast sandwich. Was, and was wearing a piece of cheese. [to replace the hollandaise] And a slice of fallen Canadian bacon. It was served on a toasted and buttered English muffin. I was a little confused about the presentation. But then I tasted it, and I was sold. “

Is it possible that we didn’t? Essentially Innovation beyond 1972 when it comes to breakfast sandwiches? The same can be said of some cheeseburgers.. Sure, chefs go through fancy toppings like Vagio Patties and Truffle and Fui Grass, but We inevitably find ourselves in a few different situations on the Big Mac.: Two broken patties, American cheese, pickles and some kind of dive or fry sauce.

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Give people what they want, right? “We just like to make regular meals,” Flores said. “We’re not trying to put some spicy mayo or avocado on it.” I just want sausage, hash brown, Eggs and American cheese. “

Once again, McDonald’s Egg McMuffin does not feature the fragrant egg custard made from Cowan’s scratch, which she puts into hotel pans and steam tails and silk before she cuts each rectangle into small, flexible ones. Offset cuts with a spatula. Nor does McMahon’s yellow sausage hold a candle for Patti Kasma’s fat pig Langanissa, the red spots and garlic from the anatomical seeds, the hint of smoked paprika, pepper and brown sugar, which cleverly mimics this effect. What you get from drizzle. Syrup on top of sausage

Unlike McDonald’s, Cassama will not be reluctant to demand – including your shameless plea – that it be made available all day.

“I like the feature,” Flores said. “There’s something about racing somewhere because you just have to get it.” Also, once in the afternoon you want chicken adobe sandwiches instead. “

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