Eli Manning quickly became a giant on ESPN.

The two-time Super Bowl winner continues the sports TV revolution with Manningcast, an alternative television show called Monday Night Football, in which former Giants quarterback and older brother Peyton Manning lay out plays, retell stories and interview guests as they watch the game live.

Now, in its second season, Eli Manning loves the informal nature of their show, which they shoot remotely from their homes. He’s particularly excited that Monday’s game between Giants and Dallas Cowboys could be called off.

“I almost said I didn’t want to broadcast,” said Manning Daily News. “I didn’t want to make games and technically I don’t think I’m the broadcaster. I don’t know, it just feels like I’m sitting at home on the couch with my brother talking about football.

“It’s a more casual approach,” he said. “If I make a mistake, I know Peyton will call me before the media has a chance to call me the next day or on social media. This is what we like. We are not sensitive and we can accept criticism, but if you are going to accept criticism, you’d rather take it from your brother.

“Manningcast” is broadcast on ESPN2 and ESPN +, while the traditional broadcast of “Monday Night Football” is broadcast on ESPN and ESPN + with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman who name the same game.

The idea for a separate TV broadcast was born during the COVID-19 pandemic after both Mannings appeared on football broadcasts as guests.

“Basically, we took the idea and said,” We can do it much better, “said Eli Manning, who retired from the NFL after the 2019 season.

Manningcast quickly became a hit, with an average audience of over a million viewers in its first season, and at the same time gained recognition as an innovative new choice for soccer fans. Among the guests were Tom Brady, LeBron James and Charles Barkley.

ESPN extended its broadcast until 2024 and introduced a similar alternate television broadcast “Sunday Night Baseball” with Michael Kay and Alex Rodriguez.

The Mannings will announce 10 games this season and take on the challenge of finding ways to make each show more attractive.

“We definitely looked at it last year and tried to see what worked and what we could improve,” said Eli Manning. “I think we did a good job, just asking,” Hey, how many guests do we want? When is the best time to receive guests? When do you have current players versus veterans versus actor, comedian? I’m just trying to get things flowing. “

Manning, 41, played each of his 16 seasons with the Giants, winning the Super Bowls XLII and XLVI MVPs and setting franchise passing records with 57,023 yards and 366 touchdowns.

The “Manningcast” schedule spanned two Giants games last year – lost to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Manning is eagerly awaiting an analysis of the new looking Giants who are leading 2-0 under new management for the first time since 2016.

“Good teams find a way to win an even game,” said Manning. “She’s not always pretty. It is still a lot of new players and a new offensive and a new pattern. I feel that defense can learn a pattern faster than att*ck. Insulted, it may take four or five weeks per season before you really get to the pace.

“They find ways to win when they are more comfortable with what is happening, and I think that’s a great skill.”

Manningcast is just an excerpt from Manning’s burgeoning television sports career. He also runs the ESPN + university program “Eli’s Places”, which takes him to various universities to find out what makes the sport so popular. Like Manningcast, Eli’s Places is executive producer of Omaha Productions, an entertainment company founded by Peyton Manning.

The latest episode of Eli’s Places featured a viral segment where Manning masked his appearance with a long wig and prosthetic face and tried for Penn State football as a quarterback named Chad Powers.

“I thought,” It might be quite fun. ” They asked, “Can you still throw?” And I was like, “Yes, I can still throw, I won’t forget how to do it.” Or, “Do you need to warm up and exercise a few weeks early?” I say, “No, it will be there. He’ll be back, ”Manning said.

“I didn’t know I was going to have to run 40, do 5-10-5, long jump and all these things. I say, “Think fast, run fast,” but I think, “Don’t pull the hamma. Don’t go all out. I still have to go through the rest of my training, throw and do all the quarterbacks. “

In addition to ESPN, Manning hosts The Eli Manning Show for Giants, interviewing fans and celebrities associated with the band.

He enjoys his job as an oncamera personality and is open to adding to it.

“It makes me quite busy and entertaining,” said Manning. “The more you do… some of these projects, other possibilities may arise, so I think you just need to consider the possibilities and see what else you can get involved in.”


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