The longtime US senator got into a fight with Elon Musk on Twitter on Sunday, threatening Congressional action if the billionaire did not get his companies in shape.

“One of your companies is subject to the FTC Approval Decree. The NHTSA car security guard is investigating the killing of people. And you spend your time selecting online fights. Repair your businesses. Or Congress, tweeted Democrat Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, Musk on Sunday.

He responded to a Twitter owner’s mocking reply to an earlier tweet from a senator’s account.

In the original message, Markey demanded responsibility from Musk and Twitter after a Washington Post columnist created a “verified” Twitter account impersonating Markey. The writer obtained the consent of the senator.

“Reporter @washingtonpost was able to create a verified account impersonating me – please respond from @elonmusk who puts profit over people and his debt over containment,” Markey tweeted on Sunday afternoon. “Twitter needs to explain how this happened and how to prevent it.”

This sparked a contemptuous comment from Musk, who took over the influential social media platform on October 28.

Elon Musk appears at the Baron Investment Conference at the Metropolitan Opera House on Friday, November 4, 2022 in New York.

– Maybe because your real account sounds like a travesty? – wrote on Twitter in response to the senator.

Markey then threatened Congressional action over a Federal Trade Commission decree requiring Twitter to report changes to its structure – which some observers say the company may have breached since its acquisition of Musk.

The Senator also noted that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating Tesla’s autopilot function. Musk is the owner of the manufacturer.

The dispute could help Congress call Musk to testify, as has happened with owners of other major social media companies, the Washington Post noted.

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