Elton John is going to South Lawn for the night of healing.

The singer “Tiny Dancer” will play Friday night at the White House on “A Night When Hope and History Rhyme,” the Biden administration announced on Tuesday.

The night “will celebrate the unifying and healing power of music, praise Sir Elton John’s life and work, and honor current day-to-day storytellers, including teachers, nurses, frontline workers, mental health advocates, students, LGBTQ + advocates and more,” according to White Home.

The 75-year-old British musician, who was due to be in town to play at Nationals Park next Saturday, most recently entertained at the White House in 1998 at a state dinner hosted by then-President Bill Clinton for then British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Meanwhile, President Biden described fond memories of John’s music in his 2017 diary, Promise Me, Dad: A Year of Hope, Hardship and Purpose, including singing his songs to his son Beau in hospital after being diagnosed with brain c*ncer.

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