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Engineer makes iPhone from working USB-C port.

USB-C iPhone Project.۔

Before this fall, The European Union has designated USB-C as the common charging port for future phones.. W.While we wait for Apple’s program to come along, an enterprise engineer went ahead and built the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C.

In a recent video on YouTube (through Apple Insider), How engineering student Ken Pelonell shared it. A lot of work and some hard reverse engineering, that. Eventually a modern iPhone was able to add a working USB-C portIPhone X, in this case.

Apple has. Update slowly Most of it IPad lineup. To support USB-C, and Many people hope that the company will. Do the same for the iPhone. It will be easier for him to fully embrace USB-C. Use Apple device owners. One cable charges all their devices.. Although rumors. USB-C is coming to iPhone. History Back to 2018 and beyond., Apple has not hinted that it will ever bring USB-C in its phones, which makes the creation of Pelonil even more impressive.

In a ___ Blog about her USB-C iPhone project.The panel said. One of the hardest parts was figuring out how to use Apple’s proprietary C94 connector, a circuit Apple sells to third-party manufacturers for use in lighting cables and connectors. From there, the panel managed to solder the C94 connector to the conversion board and then connect a. Finally USB-C port.

This was not the end of the challenge. The panel said. The other major hurdle was getting all the new components needed to fit inside the iPhone’s chassis, which it eventually needed. Completely reverse the circuit board of the engineer C94 connector. But in the end, the panel’s hard work paid off. Claims he was able to build IPhone with USB-C that can charge and transfer data without any problem.

Unfortunately, these steps may be a bit complicated for the average iPhone owner to perform on their own device, but even just proving that it can be done is a worthwhile feat in itself. “And for everyone who’s brave enough to make their own USB-C iPhone,” Pellnell said. He is working on a more in-depth video and another part of his blog that will cover the conversion process in more detail.

Unfortunately, it seems that the rest of us will have to dream about a day when we have an iPhone that can use an iPad or mostly a charging cable. Android handsets. T.The most likely consequence is that in the very near future, Apple will simply dig out the lighting connector to make an iPhone that is fully ported.

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