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Eric Adams has recovered the racist Republican playbook to his advantage

ایRich Adams, who is awaiting a vote count as he prepares to become the next mayor of New York City, has a lot to say about black racism in politics – at least when it comes to his own campaign. ۔ .

In the weeks leading up to Election Day, Adams asked the equivalent of questions about whether he lived in the Bed Stowe basement unit or claimed a trip from New Jersey.Obama was not born in the United States” Is called a New York The magazine’s profile details its links to corrupt Slabs and power brokers. “A despicable racist image“And the alliance between the early rivals Andrew Yang and Catherine Garcia was presented as the attacks of the forerunners when we were celebrating freedom and freedom from slavery.” Just 48 hours after election day, Adams began using phrases such as “poll tax” and “voter pressure.” “America’s dark pastAnd the current GOP’s “Stop the Vote” efforts have been circulating “across the country” as its campaign statements continue. The surgeons said: Yang Garcia’s partnership was an attempt to “steal the election.”

All of this was a new definition of anti-black racism at a time when it was politically beneficial for Adams. The former police captain was calling the right questions and criticisms discriminatory, and taking advantage of the racist Republican playbook to exploit the black New Yorkers’ legitimate fears and racist fears to his political advantage. Of benefit l. Was written

“At a time when the country is seeing real laws being enacted to suppress voters, and using racist allegations to undermine the confidence of the electorate in terms of classification, it is self-sufficient, selfish and It’s dangerous. ” Point of view in the count, said before election day, Add later“I will never play the race card lightly unless I see racism, and I am not calling it racism.”

It’s hard to put a finger on this, which is a more nefarious act: Adams is pointing to anti-black racism for his own benefit, or to the detriment of policies that support him from anti-black results. Farm uses its language.

Adams’ use of racist allegations to shield himself from self-criticism is in stark contrast to the structural racism that threatens the lives and lives of black people in this city every day. He wants to rule. While it is true that in his 20 years as a police officer, Adams became famous for fighting and speaking out against NYPD leaders.Inside the racist DNA The department is pushing for a so-called “reform” policy that, in recent decades, has proved ineffective in rehabilitating an institution that has been plagued by anti-black racism. Corruption and crime. “Adams says most of the calls to defame the police come from.”Young white people. “) They have drawn up criminal justice policies that are already having devastating consequences for black people, and Jada Shannon as a prisoner. Has writtenIn his history, he has been appointed as a police officer who has called for the expansion of a physical system that is killing black communities – a mistake that many see as a black man. Ignore because of identity. “

Adams is a proponent of broken windows policing, and says minor crimes like the graffiti case.To spread lawlessness“Despite a 2016 report from New York City’s Office of the Inspector General, which found that aggressive policing is both useless for crime prevention and is almost always enforced in neighborhoods,” Proportion of blacks and Hispanics“It simply came to our notice then Stop and freeze return, Which for decades supported a sustained campaign of humiliation against the Black and Brown New Yorkers, which accounted for 87% of all searches by law enforcement agencies. “It is less likely to be found with weaponsA former police officer has objected The barbaric act of keeping people in solitary confinement is forbidden In New York City prisons, and promised to return NYPD’s notorious anti-crime teamThe “unit” whose officers killed Eric Garner, Sean Bell, Saeed Wessel and several others, Shannon noted, and it employed only 6 percent of the city’s police officers, but “they killed 31 percent.” There was a tree. NYPD firing“Adams also wants a growing presence of armed police officers in schools Makes black and brown children guilty, Suspending and arresting them at high prices. And On subways.

Not surprisingly Police Benevolent Association, The pro-Trump police union whose members publicly mocked the city’s only black mayor 30 years ago. “Washroom attendantMembers allegedly forced Adams and other moderates to support “anti-police” candidates, including Wiley, instead of advertising them. For a city Which strengthens policing funds in communities. Obviously, none of this is good for Black New Yorkers, who are already more and more polished in the name of white “public safety.”

It’s hard to put a finger on this, which is a more heinous act: Adams is pointing to black anti-racism against his campaign for his own benefit, or to remove the anti-black results of the policies that support him. It uses black language. As Adams tried to claim, raising rents for New Yorkers living in stable apartments was in the best interests of the city’s black dens.

“The greatest wealth of black and brown people in this city is in their possession.” Adams said earlier this month, When asked if he would support rent freezing for stable tenants. “So when we start making these decisions about small property owners, we need to act on it because if we don’t freeze mortgage payments for these small property owners, if we refund their mortgage payments. We need to be careful if we are not taking it. People who are idealistic about this issue should be realistic because Ms. Jones, 80, is trying to pay her mortgage, if you freeze her rent. When you start talking about doing, you start talking about turning back, you start talking without rent, he’s going to lose his house, and you’re in this city of black, brown. Immigrants are going to lose the most wealth for people and that’s a problem for me.

Picture of a black grandmother losing her nest egg due to rent break The 2020 study found that most Landlords in New York City, including owners of subsidized rental buildings, are citizens of immovable property. Cooperated Adams has the vast majority of this campaign. White billionaires and idle corporates with a large number of holdings who are in no danger of losing many of their accumulated assets because rents are not raised for a year. Black New Yorkers 22% living In stable apartments for rent, while non-white Latinox tenants make up a further 42%. The biggest benefits to these tenants are not policies that are more friendly to real estate interests that have already made the city prohibitively expensive for many people. And those who support at least one property owner, Adams. Announced once“I am also real estate.” (It should probably be included here that Adams allegedly But neglected to pay various taxes He has not disclosed this property before.) He has protested to report his own property and where he lives, as he has spent most of his gold campaign in his government office, including himself. Somehow racist.

While running in the election, where Adams claimed to have seen racism aimed at keeping him out of office, he seemed to be really looking for opportunities to elevate himself. Will he end up winning the thing now that it’s all over, but after the count, black voters will be a big reason Adams will be the next mayor of the city. It is expected that its property relations and “severe fines” will not be translated into any less hospitable New York City for black and brown people.


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