Eric Greetens doubles down on inflammatory ‘Rino’ rhetoric

Senate candidate Eric Grittens doubled down a day after posting a provocative ad in which he and several armed terrorists violently barged into a house declaring, “We’re going RINO hunt.”

“It Has a Sense of Humor,” Missouri Political Party allegedly told Local station KTFK.

Embarrassed by condemnation from both sides of the aisle, ultra-conservatives took to the radio and social media on Tuesday to make their case.

Grittens’ video sparked an uproar on Twitter, where online critics pondered the circumstances surrounding the former state leader’s resignation from the gubernatorial seat. This is where the lewd allegations leveled against him by his ex-wife surfaced again.

RINO, which stands for “Republican in Name Only,” is a derogatory term used by right-wing Republicans to insult traditional conservatives in the GOP. Grittens posted his ad a day after moderate Republican Adam Kizinger revealed a political extremist threatened to send him home.

“It is amusing to see all the liberals and fake outrage of RINO snowflakes across the country and state,” Greetens told A KCMO host Tuesday. “The people who are most bothered by this are the RINOs.”

He claimed that his campaign was against the “involved forces” of RINOs, as well as “mainstream media” and “leftists”. Grittens also referred to a “deep state”.

He argued Tuesday that “every normal person” in Missouri knows that his campaign video is clearly a “metaphor.”

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Giving one example — and the same day a bipartisan congressional committee in Washington, D.C. heard testimony about the January 6 uprising — Grittens said that when he says he will “blow up the political establishment,” he doesn’t mean it. He is going to attack the US Capitol.

Greetens claimed to KCMO in March that she was backed by conspiracy conservatives, including Rudy Giuliani and Michael Flynn, adding that her campaign is headed by Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancée, Kimberly Guilfoyle. He then also spoke about all the forces that were conspiring to curb his political ambitions.


The disgraced former governor resigned from his post when a barber claimed he had taken her to his basement, tied her hands with tape, photographed her in a compromising position, then allegedly took her Threatened to blackmail with the picture. The case was dropped due to the misconduct of the prosecution. A former Navy SEAL, Grittens admitted to having an affair, but denied legal wrongdoing. He voluntarily left the state capitol amid discussions of impeachment.

Salon reported in April that a recent court filing by the politician’s ex-wife, Sheena Grittens, claimed she had documents showing abuse victims.

“When his public future is in danger, he becomes precarious, adamant, coercive and threatening,” he said. “He accuses me of things that are untrue and generates conspiracy theories about me collaborating with my ‘enemies’ when I haven’t done anything.”

In addition to boasting about the airwaves being attacked by RINOs, Greitens tweeted “Together, we will fire RINO career politicians and save America!”

The Missouri State Lodge of Police’s Brotherhood Order called Grittens’ video “tragic.”

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