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Everything is bad, so these people are spreading on Halloween.

If the many complex crises of the last 19 months have taught me anything, it is that nothing brings us out of our last-minute panic like a ڈالر 3 plastic pumpkin. Prior to the epidemic, I was convinced that those who made their way through the Target’s seasonal decorations section to buy “you are haunted” stickers and fake shiny pumpkins were seriously ill. But now, I’m one of them.

“This is my first year for Halloween!” A friend texted me last week, showing me a picture of the courtyard in front of him, decorated with fake cemeteries, with a sheet of leaves hanging on its door. It was painfully deceptive and very basic. I was ridiculed before the epidemic. New I was very jealous.

Check it out on a nationwide trend: National Retail Federation (NRF) Predicting spending on Halloween items It is expected to reach a record high of 10. 10.14 billion this year. The average person surveyed intends to buy scary goods worth about 10 10,102, which will surely become obsolete on November 1. At $ 3.2 billion, it’s a very shiny gourd.

According to the NRF, about 52% of American consumers plan to decorate their home or yard. Sixty-five percent will have a holiday somehow, up from 68 percent in 2019 at pre-epidemic levels.

The report also notes that consumers “are already shopping for Halloween items, 45% plan to shop in September or earlier and 39% during the first two weeks of October.”

Amy T, a 24-year-old office manager from Huntsville, Alabama, recently moved into her first home ہمیشہ she always lived in apartments so she and her boyfriend decided to move out this year. “We both have degrees in criminal justice, so we’re interested in any disease or most people suffer,” Amy said. “This is a great opportunity for neighborhood kids and hopefully to scare and mildly upset their parents.”

Amy T. notes that she, uh, Creative The display was on a “tight budget”.

Amy T.

And they did the decoration. Outside their charming farm-style home, there are chains and hooks hanging from the trees, scattered “body parts”, bloody handprints on the windows, and circles revolving around ghost “children” dancing around a fake fire. ۔ . Oh, and there’s a “body” wrapped in a trash can hanging upside down from a tree. “We’ve got a wig to make it more realistic,” Amy added.

“Social distance with everyone, I feel that exterior decoration is a great way to express yourself from afar,” he said. “It’s already because of a neighbor I never spoke to because we started talking because of our precautionary tape.”

Amy said she is “proud” of her DIY masterpiece. “It’s been a great experience with my boyfriend,” she said. “We had other ideas but we had to back down because we didn’t want the police to meet us.”

All my life I’ve always loved the weird and the terrible, and Halloween is a time of year when everyone acts like me. I can share the joy of my fear with everyone around me.

Candice orc.

Candice Ork, a 36-year-old technical writer from Missouri, has always considered herself a “Halloween person.”

“All my life I’ve always loved the weird and the scary, and Halloween is a time of year when everyone acts like me,” he said. “I can share the joy of my fear with the people around me.”

But Orak has not always been a decorator. “I don’t really have a design or an eye for color,” he said. Has changed its preferences.

“The cove is still affecting everything around me, I need to make my home more sheltered from external pressure,” Ork said. “If work was extremely stressful that day or if my two children had a difficult day at school, we could come home and immediately rejoice with the Halloween spirit.”

“The decoration makes me happy,” he added. “Other things in the world are spiraling out of control, but this is something I can overcome. I can keep the spirit of Halloween high throughout October and feel that I can at least feel happy I can.

Catherine, 32, of Phoenix, Arizona, has an 8-year-old son and is worried about exposure to the corona virus, so she and her partner managed to turn the decor into a “date night” for the first time. ۔ “We don’t go out to eat at all anymore and we can’t really go to places for traditional dates,” he said. “So we put on the decorations and looked. Midnight mass after the. I’m an extrovert, so whatever fun I can add to being stuck at home helps.

Catherine’s Halloween Decoration


Cassie, a 24-year-old makeup artist from Florida, said she always liked “everything scary.” But he never got the chance to do that, even as a child. This year, she is making up for her lost time with decorations she found on Amazon, Marshalls, Ross and Walmart.

Cassie’s first autumn decoration.


“It’s like a childhood dream,” he said. “I’m a mom and my son is two years old now and I can really start experiencing Halloween and I didn’t feel those memories when I was his age.”

Last year, people said. Daily Best. They were Placing Christmas decorations much earlier than usual., Bring a little joy on a terrible epidemic holiday. Tunnel lights and tonsils meant a lot to him. It was not just a sight to behold, but a small violation of all the sadness and weirdness of 2020.

People seem to feel the same way about their Halloween trinkets. I do Sometimes, it feels like my whole mood is coming together with a few artwork with jacks and lanterns. As Cassie put it, “Decoration makes me feel like my life is together.”

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