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Experts think Arizona’s ‘fraud’ audit was even worse: “Numbers made”

For months, right-wing conspiracy theorists and former President Donald Trump supporters have been hoping that an audit of Cyber ​​Ninja’s 2020 election results in Maricopa County, Arizona will show that he has indeed won the state – just to be disappointed. It will happen when the audit shows which election officials already knew: President Joe Biden won Arizona.

The cyber ninja did not find what he was looking for. But according to one Newly released report From three election experts, the whole review was flawed and unreliable anyway.

According to New York Times Journalists Michael Wines and Nick Corasaniti, experts, Arizona Republican data analysts and two retired executives at a Boston-based election consulting firm, said in their report that investigators failed to count thousands of ballots in one ballot. They were taken out of the ballot boxes in the spring, and investigators passed through more than 1,600 ballot boxes this summer to recount with their own hands in Marikopa County, the state’s most populous county. And both Republicans and the Controlled (Arizona) State Senate, which has ordered an election inquiry, have refused to disclose details of the count.

Vinez and Nick Corasaniti added, “But a worksheet containing the results of the counting of 40 handfuls of inboxes, an election inquiry released a week ago by a Florida-based company called Cyber ​​Ninja. Was included in the final report. ”

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The three election experts who investigated the cyber ninja audit are Benny White, an Arizona GOP data analyst. Larry Moore, founder of Election Consulting Claire Ballot Group and Tim Halverson, former chief technology officer of the Clare Ballot Group.

In their scary report, experts criticized the cyber ninja for having “zero experience in electoral audits” and said, “The results of the second largest county are ridiculous in the country.”

“Ninja scored,” the report called it a “deception.”

He explained: “A huge discrepancy between 15,692 lost hand counting ballots out of 40 out of 1,634 boxes, confirms our view that the hand counting of ninja ballots by the Senate machine belt Far from counting, any statement about the vote count (for example, that Trump lost 261 votes) is meaningless.

Arizona Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs is not surprised by the experts’ findings. Hobbes, who has been attacking the cyber ninja audit as a biased joke, said in an official statement, “It was clear from the beginning that the cyber ninja was just making it up. I have been saying all this. No one should trust their results. Therefore, it is not surprising that their results are being questioned. The real election officials and experts can be trusted.

However, according to cyber ninja Rod Thompson, Wines and Nick Corasaniti, “we are on our way and completing the final report.”

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