Explainer: 6 killed, 12 injured in Sacramento gang shooting

Sacramento, Calif. (AP) – Six people were killed and 12 injured over the past weekend in Sacramento, police say was a shootout between rival gangs as bars closed and a crowd of patrons were just a few blocks from the California state capitol.

The explosion of bullets captured in cellphone video was stopped by screams of frightened people running for cover. Over 100 shots were fired during the brief battle – many in rapid-fire bursts.

At least five gunmen from at least two gangs opened fire, police said, but so far only three people have been arrested in the investigation and no one has been charged with murder. Only two of those men – brothers who were injured – have been linked to the shooting, though only face firearms charges at this time.

A few things to know about the position:

Who has been arrested in the shooting?

Two brothers, Smiley and Dandre Martin, are the only two people arrested so far who have been linked to the shooting by police.

A third man was arrested near the scene of the shooting with a gun that police do not think was fired during the scuffle.

Dandra Martin, 26, is the only suspect identified by police as the shooter. He was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, but prosecutors have charged him only with the offense of possessing a gun.

Martin, whose gunshot wound was minor, pleaded not guilty to a charge of carrying a gun during a brief hearing in Sacramento Superior Court this week. Her lawyer said she would not decide to seek bail until prosecutors determine whether to charge her with a more serious crime.

Smiley Martin, 27, was more seriously injured in the shooting and was arrested in hospital on suspicion of possessing a firearm and machine gun by a banned man.

According to prosecutors and court records, both brothers have felony criminal records, including convictions for violent attacks on women they encouraged to work as prostitutes.

Smiley Martin was released from prison under the supervision of probation officers in February after voter-approved changes to state law reduced his sentence for certain felonies after serving less than half of his 10-year sentence. And the first release was given a chance.

A chance at liberty was also denied too soon after prosecutors wrote to the parole board in May 2021, citing Martin’s lengthy rap sheet and saying he had “clearly little regard for human life and the law”. respects.”

What happened before the shoot?

A law enforcement officer told the Associated Press that police have yet to reveal what caused the shooting, but a 15-minute video posted live on Facebook by Smiley Martin at night showed him holding a large gun. have been shown.

The video, posted about four hours before the shooting, is believed to have been shot in a parking lot in North Sacramento.

Smiley and Dandre Martin were in the video, along with Joshua Hoe-Luchesi, one of the men killed in the shooting, said the officer, who was not authorized to discuss the details of the investigation publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. Spoke to AP.

The officer said investigators believe some of the people involved in the shootings were members of the Cripps Street gang. According to the officer, at least one of the victims was linked to a blood gang by law enforcement.

In the video, Smiley Martin repeatedly waved a handcuff at the camera, saying he was going to a club, but was not identified, the officer said. He also spoke of affiliation with the Cripps Street gang and according to the officer, Hoe-Luchesi can be heard making threats against someone else.

At other points in the video, it appeared that a gun was tied to Martin’s waistband, the officer said.

The officer said the video showed local police officers driving nearby and calling the group to ask if they had seen any children nearby. The men replied that they were not there before the officer left.

Sacramento Police spokesman Chad Lewis said officers were aware of a video of three people involved in the shooting. He said the video showed people waving guns and at some point, a police cruiser rolled over.

What types of guns were fired?

Police have not yet disclosed what type of weapons were used in the shootout, but they have said that more than 100 rounds of bullets were fired, based on the number of shells recovered.

Police said witnesses have provided more than 200 videos and photographs and suggestions, which have helped investigators. The gunshots heard in videos posted online had a ring of semi-automatic or automatic weapons.

A stolen gun found at the scene was converted into an automatic firearm capable weapon. Police are trying to find out whether it was used in the firing.

Smiley Martin is accused of possessing a machine gun, although police have not said whether that weapon was used in the shooting.

The officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said police are trying to find out whether Martin’s gun was used in the attack.

The police also recovered a firearm during the search of three houses after the firing.

Who were the victims?

They were three fathers raising their young children, a sister driving to town to pick up her older sibling from a night out, a landscaper saving her salary for concert tickets, and a woman looking for accommodation. was living on the streets.

The six killed were remembered with memorials on the streets of the city containing photographs, candles, cards, balloons and, in one case, two empty bottles of Hennessy liquor.

The Sacramento County coroner identified him as: Jontaya Alexander, 21; Melinda Davis, 57; Yamael Martinez-Andrade, 21; Sergio Harris, 38; Joshua Hoe-Luchsee, 32; and Devazia Turner, 29.

At least two of the 12 injured remained hospitalized on Friday.

Police have said that Smiley Martin will be booked in the Sacramento County Jail after his release from the hospital.


Mellie reported from Los Angeles. Associated Press writers Stephanie Dizzio in Los Angeles, Don Thompson in Sacramento and Michael Balsamo Washington contributed to this report.

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