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Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in parts of Texas from Wednesday night to Thursday.

Pamela Hurricane Route Map

Humidity from Hurricane Pamela is expected to reach Texas Wednesday evening and could result in deadly flooding, especially in the mountainous country of Texas.

Pamela is expected to make landfall off the coast of Mexico by Wednesday morning in two types of hurricanes.

Pamela is expected to move northeast through Mexico and quickly lose its intensity.

Although Pamela is expected to lose almost all of its strong winds by the time it reaches Texas, it will still be able to produce heavy rainfall of 1-2 inches per hour.

Several inches of rain could fall from south-central Texas to southeastern Oklahoma. Wednesday night to Thursday evening.

Pamela effect map

“Large parts of central and eastern Texas are ready to get wet this weekend as Pamela passes through the state, possibly a tropical rainstorm,” said Mary Gilbert, an eco-weather meteorologist.

Some locations could record a total of 4-8 inches (100-200 mm) of rain extending from central to northeast Texas by Friday. A large population center predicts that Dala-Fort Worth metroplex will be the most rainy in sight. The Dallas-Fort Worth area has received about 1.35 inches of rain so far in October, or about 31 percent of the usual 4.37 inches for this month, according to Gilbert.

Flash flooding is possible.

Rain map October 12

The highest rainfall is expected east of the Dallas metropolitan area in the mountainous country of Texas. There is a significant risk of flash flooding in these areas due to continuous rains. Texas Hill Parts of the country are prone to severe flash floods, especially due to topography and soil type.

Motorcycles passing through the area during this period may experience very little exposure due to heavy rains and flooding of flooded roads. Remember, never try to cross a flooded road with running water, even if the water seems so deep.

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