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Far Luggage Launches Designer Coulibe Series: Buy Travel Items Now

The era has just launched a new annual design series, and the first collection includes Sandy Liang, Tia Adiola and Ji Wan Choi.

now that The journey is finally starting again.We are dreaming. About * all * routes.. The celebrity brand has long been a favorite of jet setters, thanks to it. A range of durable yet fashionable suitcases and travel accessories.. Now, the stylish brand is trying to do something new, as the era has revealed its plans for a designer collaboration series.

Each year, the brand will partner with a new group of designers from different backgrounds and lifestyles, asking them to transform three classic-era pieces with their unique twist to create limited-edition capsule collections. Do “We know more people are now emotionally investing in travel than ever before,” Jane Rubio, co-founder and CEO of the era, told The Observer. “We hope that this series will introduce the current community away from various talented designers and artists from around the world, as well as away from the beautiful, diverse communities of our peers.”

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For the first series, Awe has partnered with Sandy Liang, Tia Adeola and Ji Wan Choi, and three New York-based fashion designers to redesign large ubiquitous bags, front pocket bags and travel pouch sets. Has been assigned. Design

“We intend to partner with designers who will be able to incorporate their personality into our products.” In our initial conversations with these three designers, Rubio explained that Sandy, Tia and G are also known for their various design techniques and signature elements. By combining such a diverse style, we knew that the resulting collections would look very different from each other, a strain we were eager to find.

The result is the same. Selection of travel accessories. Whatever you want Add to your jet set wardrobe.A There is something for everyone, and everything is unique.

To begin with, the locals of New York chose a pattern of pleasant flowers reminiscent of the 1970s. Inspired by those inspiring walks, people are still feeling the journey. Choi, on the other hand, used three different shades of blue for the color block design, with white piping. The Seoul-born, Oklahoma-born designer was certainly inspired by travel and “different cultures, places and peoples.”

Adeola, who was born in Nigeria and raised in London, “is a longtime fan of distance and love.[s] The fact that it is a women-based company, “inspired by the reorganization of the representation of women’s organizations in the 21st century, challenged construction work with fragments of statements that fashioned everyday and history. I have to rewrite. ” The end result is a very chic, preppy and feminine collection with custom multi-colored tweed, with yellow and green and orange hints, as well as pink ruffles and zippers.

This is just the beginning, as the initiative is a multi-year series that will continue year after year, with a new set of annual creativity. The first limited edition capsule collection is $ 55 to $ 295, and is available for purchase. Away online Starting October 14

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