Federal officials join investigation into building collapse that killed Philadelphia firefighter – Greeley Tribune

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Federal officials have joined investigators from the Philadelphia Fire Department at the scene of a building collapse this weekend. They are trying to figure out what caused the fire that caused the building to collapse, claiming the life of veteran Philadelphia firefighter Sean Williamson.

“I didn’t think it would collapse like this,” said one person.

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On Monday, investigators from the ATF’s National Response Team joined the office of the Philadelphia Fire Marshal to begin a search process through a massive pile of rubble that is located on the 300 block west of a three-story mixed-use building. There was a fire inside. Indiana Avenue.

“Was there a sign before the fire started? I don’t know, I can’t answer it. But the building was affected by the fire,” said Philadelphia Deputy Fire Commissioner Craig Murphy.

Philadelphia firefighters had already put out the fire overnight while crews were inspecting and investigating hotspots when the building collapsed early Sunday, trapping Lieutenant Sean Williamson, 27, along with five others. The 51-year-old was pulled from the rubble and pronounced dead hours after the fall.

The condition of two other firefighters is critical but stable.

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“It had a little damage and stuff, but I didn’t expect it to happen,” said a man who lived next to the house and worked at a pizza shop on the first floor two months ago. For a couple of weeks earlier this year.

“Most everything was brand new, that’s not what I understand. I left at 11:30,” he said.

Officials have confirmed that some electrical and construction works were carried out without permits in recent years. But for now, there are more questions than answers as the man and his family look for a new home.

“I’m grateful it didn’t happen when we were there last night because some of us were there,” he said.

The investigation and clean-up is expected to take several weeks.

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Williamson is survived by his mother and a son. Click here to see funeral plans.

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