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Firefighters in a Northern California district have responded to 113 fires so far this year.

So far this year, the Yukiya Valley Fire Authority has responded to 168 fires, two-thirds of which have been classified as weapons, Captain John Corpo reported last week.

“We have responded to 168 fires since January 1, and 113 of them were intentional,” Corpo said, adding that 67 percent of the fires were investigated by UVFA staff in 2021.

“The numbers are just a source of mental anguish for us,” Coripo said. “We’re seeing fires burn in ways we’ve never had before.”

The biggest fire this year was the Hopkins Fire, which started on September 12 in Kalpila and destroyed dozens of homes. But another fire near Yukiya has the potential to be just as devastating, Correpo said.

It is called Highway Fire because it started near the exit of the River Street near Highway 101. The fire quickly jumped into the Russian River and spread to the eastern hills from where hundreds of residents were evacuated.

“I don’t know why we didn’t get the first call about this fire,” Coripo said, explaining that “almost every day we get calls to check smoke in the area, because a lot of people are there.” “And usually start heating or cooking on the fire.

And while Coripo said 102 fires so far this year have been linked to homeless camps and temporary activities that were not necessarily arson, UVFA battalion chief Eric Singleton said the highway was deliberately set on fire. Was gone

“All other reasons have been ruled out,” said Singleton of the August 11, 3:15 p.m. fire, adding that there were traces of tents “all over the area” and that UVFA investigators were investigating. Contacted people who have seen the fire start, or have seen other suspicious activity.

The fire was initially described as the size of two acres and the two structures were likely to burn to about 50 acres, with fires reported in several places in the surrounding area.

Singleton said two outbuildings burned, but crews managed to stop the fire from burning the water plant and nearby homes, as it crossed the river and headed east toward Redmeyer Road, causing evacuation orders and Warnings compounded. Eastern Hills, including El Dorado, Vichy Springs, Nob Hill and Derowood.

No suspects have been identified or arrested in the fast-spreading fire, which Corpo said is an example of why the UVFA is urging the community to report any fires. Call as soon as they see it.

“We want to keep every fire as small as possible,” Coripo said. Option.

“Whenever you see fire or smoke where it shouldn’t be, call 911,” Coripo said, adding that senders would decide which agency needed to respond to the incident. ۔

Earlier this year, UVFA Battalion Chief Justin Buckingham said he was concerned that members of the community had become “insensitive” to homeless and temporary activities around him and had started fires. He has stopped calling the authorities about the incidents.

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