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Flemish ‘Hot Mountain Aws Test Test: Hot? Or just orange?

We live in a world made of capital, so of course Che Cheetah and Mountain Dave belong to the same group: PepsiCo. Both products have been part of the PepsiCo family since the 1960s, and the Flemish Hot Cheetah has been one thing. Since 1990. So it’s a bit surprising that it took so long for someone to blend in and release it as Flemish Hot Mountain Dave, even as a clear trick to the brand headlines.

Gizmodo and our sister site Life Hacker colleagues saw the announcement of this new product in August and immediately got stuck. PepsiCo managed to throw us a few 16 ounce cans of spicy drinks to check us out. This review may be the closest a reader can get to what Flemish Hot Mountain Dave tastes like, as the product was only available for sale on the Mountain Dave website. For one hour on August 31st Before the company runs out of stock. It may be a little blessing in disguise for you.

We’ve been drinking soda (annoying dark orange) soda lately. Here’s what our taste test found: Flemish ‘Hot Mountain Dave makes good at half its name. For example, it tastes like Mountain Dave. Unfortunately, this is not a Flemish hot, or hot at all, which is a more important part of the equation.

We expected something to burn out of it – it’s a new thing, after all, and it’s age. Paki One Chip Challenge. And other ridiculously spicy clever products, including ghost pepper jelly beans and hot honey-flavored ice cream. More generally, consumer locks are enlarged. More heat tolerant In recent years, that means things that claim to be hotter now actually like to be a little more proud.

But on a spicy scale of one to ten, it’s close to a … two. Otherwise, it tastes just like Mountain Dave if you crush the Fleming Hot Cheetah in it. It wasn’t the scorching attack on my taste buds that I was promised. I mean, this is it. How PepsiCo executives billed it.:

“As a brand, DEW has a long history of experimenting with new flavors that our fans love,” said Matt Nelston, senior director of marketing. Definitely keep in mind. “It’s one of our most provocative drinks yet, and we’re excited for DEW Nation to taste the unique taste of MTN DEW’s spicy and classic sweet lemons.”

Aside from the fact that it’s just Mountain Dave with a piece of capsaicin, it tastes good. There are citrus, carbonation, and sugar / sweetener notes. According to the label, a single one contains 220 calories, 58 grams of extra sugar, 59 grams of carbohydrates, and a surprisingly weak 72 mg of caffeine (less than an 8-ounce cup of coffee, which contains about 95 mg). OG drink lovers will probably have little to complain about if they can get cans, which they probably can’t do without paying. At least $ 13 on eBay.ay.

However, I do not suggest that you try to make a cocktail with it, and if you do, I do. Especially Don’t recommend using 106 Proof Mezcal (sorry for Oxaca’s MazeCleria Las Pancas Hublan, which wasn’t worth dragging in) or combine it with Flemish ‘Hot Chatus Mac’.N cheese. It takes it from an unsatisfactory but acceptable experience straight to tasting like a fragrant cleansing product, and my stomach probably feels like a bubble of nausea from just a layer of Fleming hot mud. Barely kept. I blame capitalism.

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