Football at a ‘crossroads’ as government review calls for regulatory and financial controls


English football faces a “decisive choice” between modernization and “the inevitable consequences of inaction”, according to Tracy Crouch MP, whose in-game review has called for stricter financial controls and the introduction of an independent regulator.

Former Sports Minister, who presided over Football Administration Fan LED Review, described the game as “at a crossroads” as it recommended a series of improvements in a 162-page report published on Wednesday.

A new independent regulator (IREF) will be set up Parliament and run the licensing system for all professional men’s clubs. The new organization would be able to demand clubs to show proof of financial stability and would have broader powers to intervene in poorly run organizations.

The IREF will additionally oversee new trials for both owners and directors, which would require anyone owning a club to prove their ‘good character’.

Crouch also called for more financial support from the Premier League for Pyramid, including a levy on top-flight transfers from overseas, and that the IREF may have the power to intervene if officials fail to agree a package. .

“The review has formed the firm belief that our national sport is at a crossroads with the proposed ESL, although the most recent and clear, depicting the deep-seated problems in the sport,” said Crouch.

“I believe there is a drastic choice to face football in this country. Build on its strength, modernize its governance, make it fair and strong at every level or do nothing and the country Towns and cities across the country suffer the inevitable consequences of inaction: more owners gamble on unchecking the future of football clubs; more fan groups are forced to mobilize and fight for the survival of the club they belong to. love and inevitably more clubs fail on those communities with all the pain it brings.”

As part of the 10 key recommendations, Crouch called for a new mandatory code of corporate governance for all professional clubs as well as a mandatory “Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan” – potentially for those who fail to comply. with punishment.

He continued: “As commented in the review, for all good owners in sports clubs there is only one bad boss away from disaster.

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