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Forest fire update on Saturday BC: Part of Lytton evacuation order overturned, Mexican firefighters arrive

Residents of a small part of BC, devastated by the fire, were given the green light to return on Saturday, as the province sought to get 100 Mexican firefighters to deal with wildfires around Christian. Also prepared

Global News will broadcast the news conference live with the BC Minister for Public Safety at 1:10 p.m.

They will include an estimated 3,320 firefighters and other personnel, including 94 already from the province fighting wildfires.

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As more people ordered to leave, the Luton Creek forest fire spread to 24,365 hectares.

The province saw an overnight minimum fire increase, with the number of active fires in BC rising from 275 to 261 on Friday, and around 300 at the start of the week.

About 5,000 people remained on evacuation orders.

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The fire in NK Mip Creek is growing and threatening homes

The fire in NK Mip Creek is growing and threatening homes

On Saturday, emergency officials announced that for the village of Lit of N, they would extend the evacuation order for a small section on the southeast coast in an evacuation warning.

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Forest fire map of 2021 BC: Location and size of wildfires around the province

Downgrade applies only to properties in Lander Fire Base, Pondersa Heights and along the Loring route. The rest of the village, which was devastated by the fire, is not yet confined.

Additional evacuation orders from the Thomson Nicola Regional District were unaffected, and the Layton Creek Wildfire continued to operate on more than 24,000 hectares.

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NK Map Creek forest fire: Oasis Indian band rescinds order to remove handful of leaves

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Also on Saturday, the Osos Indian Band Part of the evacuation order Nk’Mip Creek Wildfire evacuation warning for various properties

However, the Kotinai Boundary Regional District Add 126 new properties in and around Baldy Mountain neighborhood extending evacuation order for Constituency E..

The fire tripled to 6,800 hectares on Friday, destroying at least one house.

Brenda Creek Wildfire, just south of the Okanagan Connector and about 40 kilometers west of Kelowna, remained active and mapped about 662 hectares.

Staff have deployed sprinklers to protect the key power transmission line, which serves about 60,000 people in the area, and have ordered the evacuation of 43 homes in Constituency H.

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BC Wildfire Update Friday: Sirens sound like a warning to communities as fire threatens

Helicopter crews were scheduled to fire buckets on Saturday, and winds were forecast to calm.

Residents of the Seymour Arm Community, east and south of Seymour Arm Bay Road, were also ordered to evacuate due to a fire in Lake Hancoa, which was burning about nine kilometers south of the community.

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The forecast for southern British Columbia did not change

The forecast for southern British Columbia did not change

It was last mapped to about 1,100 hectares, but officials said it was more likely and had no accurate, up-to-date definitions.

Two forest fires in the Lower Aero Lake area of ​​the Central Cotinay region also threatened homes.

The fire at McCad Creek, 20 kilometers south of Edgewood, was last mapped on about 4,600 hectares.

It forced the evacuation of 356 properties on Lake Washington, north of Edgewood and Suez.

In Foucault’s community, 156 properties remain under order to evacuate the fire at Octopus Creek, but officials say winds have slowed the fire toward the city.

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