Former Cuomo aide DeRosa kicks Nadler, Maloney out of NY Congress race and praises Patel

A dark horse from the civil war between a pair of New York Democrats has emerged in the race for a newly drawn congressional seat.

And now, in another strange twist in the race, longtime candidate Suraj Patel is feeling the love of the disgraced former government. Andrew Cuomo’s top aide, after a weekend poll showed him gaining ground against longtime Representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler – ahead of the August 23 election – longtime allies became bitter foes.

“In a city where elected officials continue to be out of step with the people they represent, @surajpatelnyc has made a compelling case for new leadership and an excellent place for genuine NY’ers to speak openly on issues that matter Has worked… it seems people are paying attention,” said Melissa DeRosa, a three-term Cuomo right-hand employee. tweeted Monday morning.

DeRosa’s kind words are another sign that political stars are coming in favor of Patel, a lawyer with family ties to the hotel business.

Polls released over the weekend showed Patel just six points behind Maloney and Nadler, who were tied 31% each in the race to represent the newly created Congressional District 12.

Patel campaign spokesman Eric Koch told the Post, “The sun is carrying on a generational change message and it’s no surprise New Yorkers are taking notice as the campaign is building momentum and we appreciate the support.” ”

Millennial Patel takes advantage of his relative youth to capture two septuagenarian lawmakers who are locked in a political death match after the state’s Supreme Court ousted an attempted Gerrymander of Congress maps.

Patel is running for Congress for the third consecutive election cycle after trailing in primaries against Maloney in 2020 and 2018.

Voters praise Suraj Patel’s persistence for the Congress in 2018 and 2020.
William Farrington
Representative Carolyn Maloney
Rep. Caroline Maloney has defeated Patel in the last elections.
Getty Images / Drew Anger
Us House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler
House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is leading in a recent poll against Patel.
Reuters/Greg Nashow

“Suraj Patel has done nothing for Congress except to show up every two years,” Maloney’s spokesman Bob Liff said in an email in response to DeRosa’s comments on the race.

Nadler’s spokesman declined to comment.

DeRosa resigned as secretary to the governor after he was instrumental in the alleged cover-up of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents, which helped lead to Cuomo’s resignation last August.

But she has re-emerged as a political commentator in recent months, amid Democratic fears an election wipeout could cost her a slim majority in the US House after midterm elections this November.

According to a source close to Derosa, his participation in the increasingly tight Democratic primary in Midtown after seeing Patel for months is purely rhetorical.

Melissa Derosa
Melissa DeRosa believes Patel has “done an excellent job speaking candidly on issues that matter to real NY’ers.”
Getty Images
Melissa Derosa
DeRosa resigned as Cuomo’s secretary after he was instrumental in the alleged cover-up of COVID-19 deaths among nursing home residents.
AP/Mary Altafer

But his comments come at an interesting time in the race, especially hours after controversial Representative Matt Getz (R-Florida) offered his own praise to Maloney while cursing Nadler.

“I really hope Maloney wins. Nadler is the worst,” Getzo tweeted Sunday night.

Nadler made a swift comeback, lamenting the loss of “grassroots rebel support” in his race against Patel and Maloney – referring to Getz’s role in encouraging electoral denial.

“Matt Gaetz is not qualified to comment,” Maloney’s spokesman, Liff, told the Post.

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