Former Dunkin’ worker reveals ‘disgusting’ work area: ‘So glad I left’

A former Dunkin’ Donuts employee turned heads online after revealing video going viral now The “disgusting” condition of the shop in which he once worked.

The video, which includes several potential health and safety violations, was posted to TikTok by Alayna (@robzombieschild), who wrote: “Worst job, so glad I quit [a] A long time ago.” This has garnered more than 880,000 views and inspired both former and current Dunkin’ employees to share their experiences working for the international coffee chain.

“The disgusting things I had to deal with while working in Dunkin’,” Alayna said at the beginning of her video.

First were the “dirty” dairy machines.

A former Dunkin’ Donuts employee turned heads online after revealing the “disgusting” condition of the store she once worked in a video that went viral.

“Whenever cleaning was my job, I tried to do my best, but since other coworkers and coworkers before me didn’t, the bottom is plastered with rotten and rotten creamer and milk,” says Alayna he said. He put his camera around the machine.

Next were the “dirty” food shuttles; floors, which were covered in “stinky egg water”; And the sanitary sink, which he claimed was never drained.

“The dirt and the coffee beans filled the grout,” she continued. “The manager never cleaned it.”

Finally, Alayna showed the audience a tub of icing that had been sitting on the counter for almost a week, and the food was sitting “out in the open” instead of in the refrigerator.

“Fun fact, I was never trained. They put me on the floor right away,” she concluded.

As mentioned earlier, Alayna’s video demonstrates a number of potential health and safety breaches. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that restaurants keep their floors “clean and dry.” Houston Chronicle informed of,

“All areas near a sink or bar should have adequate drainage to prevent water pits from forming. The construction of raised platforms and the use of floor mats are ways to make these areas safer,” offered the paper. .

apart from this, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health explained That the sanitizer water should be changed every two to four hours “to keep the water clean and the sanitizer effective in use.” bake, A restaurant point of sale and management systemSaid that improper storage or replacement of sanitizing solutions could result in a single point cut during health inspections.

That being said, it is important to note that health codes vary from state to state, so managers and restaurants should “consult”. [their] Local Health Department for Food Code Regulations [their] state,” Toast advised.

Alayna’s video caught the attention of Dunkin’ employees, some of whom said the video was not representative of her time with the company.

“Wow when I worked at Dunkin’ our store kept getting cleaned out,” Sam wrote. “I know not all stores are like this, but if it were, I wouldn’t be able to work there. [this] nasty.”

“I worked at Dunkin’ and I was nothing like that!” One user said.

ArnoldSnicker said: “Look, I work at Dunkin’ now and my store is so clean Starbucks is a mess down the street. Managers change everything”

However, others said that the video perfectly captured their experiences with the series.

Alexa said, “I worked at Dunkin’ for 3 years and can confirm that this is 100 percent true.”

Marisella commented: “I didn’t work long hours at Dunkin’ because of these reasons.”

newsweek Alayna has been reached for comment.

Alayna isn’t the first Dunkin’ employee to go viral.

In May, a video of a stressed employee working in a “goofy” location garnered more than 1.7 million views. In August, a different employee went viral for sharing why customers should never put ice in their drinks.

And last May, a worker revealed the “immeasurable” amount of food he throws at his place every day.

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