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Former Giuliani Paul spread Russian money around.

From Lok Cohen | Reuters

NEW YORK – Lev Parnas, a one-time colleague of former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, used امیر 100,000 from a wealthy Russian businessman to make illegal donations to US politicians. Parnas used the funds to “lubricate the wheels” so that businessman Andre Moravio could be licensed to run cannabis law firms in the United States. Rules

“They wanted the politicians to do their business a favor,” Folder told a jury in federal court in Manhattan, citing Parnas and his co-defendant, Andrei Kokushkin.

He said that this is the secret money that is being used to infiltrate US elections.

The case, overseen by U.S. District Judge Jay Paul Otkin, draws attention because Parnas’s relationship with Giuliani is a strong supporter of Trump’s false claims that the former president, a Republican, is more likely to run in the 2020 election than Democrat Joe Biden. But voters lost because of fraud. .

Parnas, who was born in Ukraine, said he worked with Giuliani to investigate Biden’s son, Hunter, who had previously run a business in Ukraine.

Parnas’s role was highlighted when the US House of Representatives accused Trump of abusing his office’s powers to investigate political rivals. The Senate later acquitted Trump in a lawsuit.

Prince’s case could shed light on how campaign finances go behind the scenes. Flooder also said Parnas concealed an illegal donation of 32 325,000 for Trump’s failed 2020 re-election bid, a charge separate from allegations related to the cannabis business.

Kokushkin and Parnas pleaded not guilty. Giolani’s other colleague, Igor Froman, has already pleaded guilty to soliciting money from a foreign national.

In his inaugural address, Parnas’ defense attorney, Joseph Bondi, said Moravio’s money was used not for donations but for other purposes.

“There was no plan to take the money from a foreigner and to violate the election law,” Bondi said.

Bondi said Parnas lost interest in the cannabis business when he approached Juliani, whom Bondi described as “not a cannabis man.”

Kokoshkin’s lawyer, Gerald Lefkort, said his client – a Moraviev colleague – had nothing to do with the campaign.

Wesley Duncan, a Republican who failed to become Nevada’s attorney general in 2018, testified that he had asked Parnas for a 10,000 donation, but eventually received funding from Finman.

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