Former GOP Senate Candidate Burns MAGA Hat, Challenges Trump to $1 Million Debate

A former Republican candidate for the US Senate in Arizona has burned his MAGA hat and challenged former President Donald Trump to a $1 million charity debate amid right-wing criticism of his support for COVID-19 vaccines.

Daniel McCarthy, who unsuccessfully challenged former Senator Martha McSally in Arizona’s 2020 GOP primary, issued the challenge in a video posted on Twitter on Tuesday, calling Trump a “little b*tch.” McCarthy offered to donate $1 million to charity if the former president agrees to a debate with him during a January 15 rally in Florence, Arizona, which he described as one of his “nothing-your-way” session rallies. ” said.

McCarthy accused Trump of engaging in a “massive gift” of promoting “smoke and mirrors” election fraud audits, fundraising, creating “establishment candidate support” and supporting so-called “gene therapy” – which McCarthy also called it “The Sauce”. Possibly a reference to COVID-19 vaccines.

The video shows McCarthy addressing Trump while sitting in his truck, saying, “The world is waking up to your mass.” “I will give $1 million to the charity of your choice if you take 30 minutes of my forum on January 15th to argue with me or even answer my questions in front of your crowd.”

McCarthy said Trump supporters were “literally dying” because of his support for “an experimental gene therapy” amid the pandemic. While it is unclear whether any of Trump’s supporters have died from being vaccinated, many of his anti-vaccine supporters have been upset by his continued support for the jabs.

“You gave up on therapeutics and you moved on to an experimental gene therapy,” McCarthy says. “People are literally dying because of their trust in you. You imposed a lockdown and you surrounded yourself with swamps for four years.”

“Trump, you failed America,” he continued. “You’re the most deceitful president in American history. And trust me, there’s been a lot of psyops before… I look forward to seeing you on January 15th, although I know you won’t because you are A little b*tch.”

After delivering his anti-Trump monologue, the video shows McCarthy getting out of his truck and tossing a MAGA hat to the ground from afar. He then pulls out a flamethrower and, standing next to the truck, burns the cap while playing music.

McCarthy stumps on the charred remains of the hat before driving over it with his truck. The video ends with McCarthy prophesying that Trump will “never” talk to him because “he knows he can’t, because his family name will be tarnished forever.”

Former Republican US Senate candidate Daniel McCarthy challenged a $1 million debate for charity before setting former President Donald Trump on fire with a flamethrower. Above, a “Trump Train” hat is pictured as it is lit by a group of anti-Trump protesters at a demonstration in Washington, DC on November 14, 2020.
Samuel Corum / Getty

In addition to condemning the former president’s COVID-19 policies, McCarthy also argued that by signing the United States-Mexico-Canada accord, Trump was “accountable” for issues including raising the national debt, “relinquishing our sovereignty” among others. was not held”. and passing the “Gun Law over Obama.”

However, there was at least one point on which McCarthy still agreed with Trump: his evidence-free claim that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen” from him because of rampant voter fraud. McCarthy slammed the former president for “warning about election fraud” but for “doing nothing to stop it” before the election.

McCarthy claimed that his team had “warned” Trump about the fraud months earlier when he was “stolen from a Senate primary.” The former Republican, who later joined Arizona’s right-wing Patriot Party, officially lost the primary to McSally by a margin of more than 50 points.

A list of “terms and conditions” for the proposed debate Posted To McCarthy’s website states that Trump should agree to the debate “by calling Daniel McCarthy directly on his cell phone before January 14 at 5:00 p.m. AZ time”, although no cell phone number was provided. has gone.

The terms also stipulate that McCarthy has until December 31, 2022 to pay the $1 million, if debated. While McCarthy said the donations would go to a charity of Trump’s “choice,” the terms included a list of six pre-selected charities that Trump would choose from — including the Legal Defense Fund for so-called “Qian mitigation” Jacob Chansley.

newsweek Trump’s office and McCarthy were reached for comment.