PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A former Philadelphia police officer was found guilty of a 2017 fatal shooting. The jury found Eric Rucha guilty of willful mansl*ughter and possession of the m*rder weapon in the m*rder of Dennis Plowden.

The verdict was announced Wednesday afternoon. The jury deliberated just over two days, making a decision just before 3 p.m. When the verdict was read, Ruch was openly crying.

The shooting took place after Plowden was involved in a car accident in East Germantown, following a brief police chase.

Supposedly, Plowden was on the run from officers who believed the vehicle he was driving had something to do with another unexplained homicide.

Plowden was unarmed when he was shot.

Testimony from fellow officers has revealed that they believe there is an element of danger, and that the Movement’s reaction to a shot once by Plowden’s hand – with a bullet hitting him in the head – may be justified.

The jury disagreed with this statement.

The movement faced the possibility of a third-degree conviction, but the jury found fewer voluntary killings.

The Pennsylvania Criminal Code describes her as “a person who kills a person without lawful justification commits voluntary m*rder if, while killing, he acts under the influence of sudden and intense passion resulting from serious provocation.”

Former Philadelphia police officer Eric Ruch found guilty of voluntary mansl*ughter in 2017 fatally


For the first time in at least 40 years, a policeman on duty was tried for m*rder.

The former officer faces the threat of at least three years in prison.

His bail was withdrawn immediately after his conviction.

The sentence is scheduled for November 17.

Plowden’s family did not want to talk on Wednesday.

Movement defense attorney David Mischak released a statement on Wednesday night in which he said: “Since my client was released from the police and formally charged with charges, including m*rder, the prosecution has been vigorously seeking a m*rder conviction. The verdict reflects that the jury rejected it. theory, and it was never a case of m*rder. My client will have all options open.

The NAACP released a statement saying: “The Dennis Plowden killing verdict reminds us that we need to allow the justice system to go through this trial. Life changes forever when spontaneous reactions occur. In this case, Eric Ruch Jr. he reacted no matter what the ramifications for Dennis Plowden, the man who was already stunned and sitting on the ground, when he raised his hand and was shot. Justice has been met, but history is too common, and we must continue to hold those accountable who have the power to make decisions that affect whether a person lives or dies. “

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