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Four people were detained during a pro-EU protest in Poland.

Police I Warsaw On Monday, four people, including the prime minister’s nephew, were detained during a large-scale protest against government policy, which critics say could cost Poland its membership in the European Union.

Organizers and Warsaw officials say more than 100,000 people took to the streets in Warsaw on Sunday to show their support for the European Union. Prime Minister’s nephew. Mateusz Morawiecki It was alleged that a police officer kicked him in the head while he was underground.

Warsaw police spokesman Sylvester Marquez confirmed Frank Broda’s temporary detention using handcuffs, but did not rule out allegations of police brutality. Broda, 18, is a government critic and LGBT rights activist.

A few dozen people were fined for setting fires and obstructing traffic during the protests, and later marched to the headquarters of Poland’s ruling right-wing nationalist party. Law and justice. Party

Similar protests took place in several other cities.

He was outraged by a high court ruling last week that Poland’s constitution repeals EU law when they clash. Critics say the decision could be seen as a rejection of EU values ​​and could potentially lead to a “polkset” or expulsion of the nation from the 27-member bloc.

The Polish government has been at loggerheads with the European Union for six years over control of the courts and judges. The European Union sees this change as the end of democratic checks and balances.

Poland appreciates EU membership, which has brought a wide range of freedoms, including freedom of movement, and economic transformation to the Central European nation that endured decades of communist rule until 1989.

Moroccan and party leaders. Jarosla Kaczynski. It has refused to take the course to leave the EU, but the government is increasingly at odds with the bloc’s leading organizations.

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