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Fox News host Rachel Campos Duffy says Native Americans are addicted to alcohol.

Fox News host Rachel Campos Duffy. Wednesday night stressed that the struggle of Native Americans is “everything with government dependence” and “drinking.”

His partner Jesse WatersMeanwhile, happy that the Liberals are just trying to “hunt them down” and try to “send more money for reservations”.

Appearing on Fox News Prime Time. With her husband, Sean Duffy, a fellow cast member on MTV. Real worldCampus Duffy initially targeted Vice President Kamala Harris. To say that the United States must face its shameful past in recognizing Indigenous People’s Day. The vice president also said that European explorers such as Christopher Columbus “started a wave of destruction for the tribal nations, resorted to violence, land grabbing and spread the disease.”

“Christopher Columbus, by the way, is the first victim of the Cancel culture,” muttered Campus Duffy, adding that Native Americans were as “cruel” as Columbus and other European settlers.

The conservative Fox News personality added, “We know that they were actually slaves, including African American slaves. They conquered the tribes after Columbus.” “If we are going to implement modern standards, we have to apply it from both sides.”

After Waters agreed that there were “incredible atrocities” by tribal countries, Campus Duffy’s spouse argued that liberals needed Native Americans to make decisions based on their past.

The former Republican Congressman said, “They burned villages, raped women, captured children, took away the lands of those they defeated.” “It was a terrible time all over the world. But they want to apply that ‘week’ standard to Christopher Columbus, but no one else in the world!”

Duffy also accused that criticizing Columbus is part of a liberal conspiracy to “actually make the American people hate our founder” so that they “sink into their socialism and turn this country into a failed state of Venezuela.” They can. ”

Campus Duffy had something else to add.

“And lies aren’t just about our past,” Of Fox & Friends Weekend. The host said. “The real lie is with the situation of Native Americans right now. The situation of Native Americans is about government dependence, the cycle of poverty and alcoholism, and family breakdown, and these are things that Democrats don’t want to talk about.

other than that. Brushing up the Native American community. with Wide stereotype brush.Campus Duffy also claims that Democrats are telling Native Americans that “all the things you are facing.” He is with white people and racism in the past. ”

“No, it also has to do with government policies,” he added.

“Yeah, they’ll just try to send reservations more loose funds, and make them victims, and then keep voting for Democrats,” Waters said with a smile.

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