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Fox News hosts Kennedy and Julie Benders shouted at the Liberal Panelist, saying NYC was “no hell”.

Fox News hosts Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery and Julie Benders on Wednesday criticized a liberal panelist for disputing their claim that New York City is a “hell”.

Kennedy and Bunders, in an effort to strengthen their case that the city is a horrific, crime-ridden wasteland, boasted that they “talk to the police” and read New York Post In addition to driving their viewers crazy about vaccine mandates and critical race theory as evidence of their claims, Fox News spent most of its time Panic over the wave of crime in the Democratic-controlled big cities. ( The reality is a bit more complicated.As killings increase, robberies, property crimes and rapes have all dropped significantly this year.

Fox News Afternoon Round Table Show airs Wednesday. a lot.The panel was wrapping up another segment, accusing Democrats and police reform efforts of crime when the hosts took direct action in New York.

“It’s impossible to ignore the fact that crime rates have risen,” Banderas declared. “And where are they? They’re in Democratic-controlled cities. It’s impossible to note that the police have been under attack for years. And the Biden administration has certainly not held their necks.”

“And New York is a hell,” Kennedy said after Banders said “democratic cities and states” were not backing their police departments.

Bandiras agreed wholeheartedly, saying NYC is a hell of a “thank you to Mayor de Blasio.” The remarks prompted Biden’s former surrogate, Gina Arnold, to serve as a guest panelist, forcing her to object to such a vast, fear-inspiring feature of the city.

“No, it’s not. You won’t call New York,” he said.

“I live here, sister!” Kennedy quipped in response. “I walk the streets – not like that! I read. New York Post. I talk to the police, I know what’s going on here!

Arnold, who noted that she also lives in New York, replied: Post “A true journalist is not an outlet,” Benders said, signaling retaliation with his journalistic bonfires.

The Fox News host claimed, “No, I’ll tell you, as a journalist, I talk to all the cops and I know a lot of people in the NYPD.” “A lead spy in New York City texted me during the show. So let me just tell you that the police here can’t do their job because they don’t have the backing of Democratic leaders.

“New York is definitely struggling, but please don’t call it a hell of a hole,” Arnold pleaded.

While Bandiras abruptly insisted that the city was “not hell” and that “I like New York City,” Kennedy stood with his guns.

“Go talk to your local area!” Kennedy drove.

“I feel very safe walking around town,” Banderas finally admitted. “Do I believe that the Democratic leaders are actually giving the police the power to protect us? No, we are on our own. Thank you, Mayor de Blasio!”

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