Fox News host Shannon Bream spoke to New York Republican Elise Stefanik on Sunday about a new Republican tactic for transporting migrants from southern states to Democrat-led states.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took notice of the plan earlier this month when he sent a plane with around 50 Venezuelan migrants to Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, allegedly without notifying local officials. The migrants claimed to have been forced to fly with false information that they would receive jobs and accommodation upon arrival. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott ferry other migrants to New York City and Vice President Kamala Harris’s Washington, DC residence.

The tactic has been widely criticized as an attempt to use migrants as a political tool to call attention to what Republicans see as a border crisis ahead of November’s mid-term elections.

Bream asked Stefanik about the strategy for Fox News Sunday, referring to Reuters / Ipsos survey indicating that only about a third of Americans support him.

Above, GOP representative Elise Stefanik of New York is speaking at an event in Washington on March 1. Fox News host Shannon Bream confronted Stefanik on Sunday about a new republican tactic for transporting migrants from southern states to Democrat-led states.
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“In this poll, most Americans said they didn’t think it was possible to transport people this way,” said Bream. “They are real people with real life.”

Stefanik did not address this tactic directly, instead accusing President Joe Biden of causing a border crisis by adopting a more lax immigration policy. She also pointed out that despite weak polls on the out-of-state transport of migrants, Republicans tend to see strong poll results on how they deal with immigration issues and border security.

“We have this border crisis because of the amnesty policy and the wide-open border that happened under the Democrats under Joe Biden,” said the Republican legislature.

Bream, however, replied, “But when the Republicans controlled the White House, House, and Senate, immigration was not disbanded. The border was not fully secured. “

Stefanik said Republicans continued to make “major invasions” into border security when they had a majority in Congress.

“We dealt with the border security crisis that developed from day one under Joe Biden,” said the congresswoman.

Stefanik Says Democrats “Encourage Illegal Immigration”

In a statement to Newsweek, Stefanik criticized the Democrats for implementing “the radical policy of the sanctuary state, which spurred a wave of illegal immigration to our state.”

Stefanik referred to a New York law that allows migrants to obtain a driver’s license and forbids the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) from sharing information with the Department of Homeland Security as “encouraging illegal immigration” into the state.

“The most effective way for us to solve the illegal immigration crisis that is plaguing our country and country is to secure our southern border and end the policy of open borders and state sanctuaries of these extreme left Democrats. Democrats will be released from office in November, ‘wrote Stefanik.

Democrats defended their handling of immigration by painting policies adopted by former President Donald Trump and adopted by most of the GOP as inhuman. They point to external factors, including political and economic unrest in some Central and South American countries, which contribute more to the increase in migration than any domestic policy adjusted in the US

The criticized tactic of the GOP government

Voters in recent polls said Republicans are stronger on border security issues, but have shifted away from the GOP on tactics for transporting migrants to Democrat-led countries. Only 29 percent of Americans support this tactic, according to a Reuters poll. Meanwhile, 40 percent. was against it.

Even some Republicans expressed embarrassment about this practice. Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner described it as “embarrassing” in an appearance on Fox News last week.

“I personally watch what is happening and it is very difficult to see it on the southern border, so do I – we have to remember that they are people, they are people, so seeing them as political pawns in one way or another is very upsetting to me,” he said .

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