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Fox News proved John Stewart’s point about ‘canceled culture’

The day after the comedian. “People who talk about so-called cancellation culture,” said John Stewart. On Tuesday, Fox News saw its long way to go. Daily show. Host right

During a Sunday night virtual talk at the 22nd annual New Yorker Festival, Stuart discussed a variety of topics while promoting his new (And very serious) Talk show Problem with John Stewart. At one point, security shifted to the notion that people were being “canceled” for having politically incorrect beliefs and sharing their honest opinions.

“People who talk about abolitionist culture never stop talking about it,” Stewart declared, possibly quoting. Right-wing media And Other comedians, Who have Got into trouble. He said that more speeches are being made now than before. “It’s not that you can’t say, ‘It’s that when you say that – look, the Internet has democratized criticism. What do we do to survive? And not to abolish this culture.’ Yes, it is cruel. We live in one. Unconstrained Culture. ”

It didn’t take long for Fox News to devote air time to making noise about its comments.

Stewart’s comments, spending an entire class on a Fox News afternoon talk show. a lot. He muttered that it was “wrong” for an experienced comedian to reject the curse of abrogated culture. At the same time, however, co-host Emily Kompagno appears to confirm Stewart’s point about her obsession with the subject.

“Previous Daily show. Host John Stewart says the cancellation culture is not real, it’s a myth, no one is being canceled. “Really? We have a lot to say about that!”

The five-member panel agreed that canceling the culture was a “real thing” and that Stewart himself should be personally concerned about it because “it could happen to him.” Fox News political anchor Brett Byrne, who sits on the show as “a lucky man,” added that “the feeling that there is a lack of freedom of speech” is why Donald Trump became the first president.

The show’s host, Harris Faulkner, without hesitation, then tried to sting Stuart to weigh in on the subject. “I know there are performances,” he announced, “because if you want people to click on you, just talk about cancer culture.”

Of course, a lot. The only Fox News program on Tuesday was to complain about the alleged “canceled culture.”

On his “Hard News” program. Faulkner Focus.For example, Faulkner noted that “some people are asking where we draw the line when it comes to canceling culture.” He resigned after his gay and racist emails surfaced..

In addition, several Fox Morning programs praised a professor who attracted thousands of invitations to his Princeton lecture when another university canceled his inaugural address. “Cancel culture. ”

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