Fracking offers New York a lot of potential—if only politicians get out of the way

Back in 2019, before anyone had heard of COVID, the national economy was enjoying record levels of success, while New York was struggling. President Donald Trump was well positioned for re-election, while Governor Andrew Cuomo was trying to explain his state’s pause.

Last year, 190,000 New Yorkers fled to other states. The once booming states such as Buffalo, Rochester and Binghamton led to the state’s population loss. Cuomo blamed it on the weather, saying people left for “climate-based” reasons. And Cuomo blamed Trump (no surprise) for phasing out state and local tax (SALT) deductions that he claimed created a $2 billion shortfall. Then-political-newcomer Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slammed Cuomo’s hard-fought Amazon deal, canceling 25,000 jobs and billions in tax revenue. New York State was in a rut.

And New York’s biggest economic opportunity is still buried under its feet.

Underground geological formations contain tens of trillions of cubic feet of natural gas. US Geological Survey Estimate The formation of the Marcellus Shale contains 84 trillion cubic feet and the Utica Shale contains another 38 trillion. Large parts of these structures are in New York, where they sit unused—due to Cuomo’s fracking ban, which he persuaded the Legislature to pass.

Cuomo didn’t know the price of natural gas would be more than quadruple After 2020, neither will Russia cut liquefied-natural-gas exports to Europe, leading to rations and fears for the winter. But he knew that natural gas – and the fracking needed to reclaim it – would mean jobs, economic prosperity and opportunities for New Yorkers. They ignored all that in the name of green science.

The bulk of these structures are in New York, where Kathy Hochul’s predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, sits unused because of the fracking ban.

My organization, Power the Future, comparison Economy of Pennsylvania with New York. Natural gas generated $1.7 billion in new tax revenue for the Keystone State from 2012 to 2019. There was a 36% increase in wages for oil and gas workers between 2007 and 2012. In fact, from the Great Recession of 2008 to 2012, when Pennsylvania was losing jobs. Overall, natural gas and fracking jobs increased by 259%.

The natural gas industry is so important to Pennsylvania that Bernie Sanders-backed Senate candidate John Fetterman is magically reversed His opposition to fracking. The Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Josh Shapiro, who has been on record as anti-fossil fuels and anti-fracking — and even sued the industry as attorney general — hides it all on his own. campaign websiteadding that he wants Pennsylvania to “remain an energy hub.”

So even the liberal Democrats of Pennsylvania are pro-natural-gas. Or at least claim to be.

Then there’s New York, with an even worse economic climate today and greater population decline (not to mention skyrocketing growth). Cuomo is long gone. But New York’s anti-fossil fuel, anti-fracking, anti-commonsense policies remain in place. for now.

Andrew Cuomo Blocked Amazon From Moving To Nyc, Creating More Than 25,000 Jobs For New Yorkers.
Andrew Cuomo blocked Amazon from moving to NYC, creating more than 25,000 jobs for New Yorkers.
Stephen Jeremiah

Facing first-time voters atop the ticket, Gov. Kathy Hochul could seize this buried opportunity and create thousands of jobs in rural areas with a tax revenue stream not based on printed COVID money from Washington, DC. If it pushed the Legislature to repeal the Cuomo-led fracking ban, Hochul Union would become a champion of jobs and low consumer prices and provide New York with much-needed energy-grid security.

Instead, it has embraced President Joe Biden’s green agenda, which has decimated the national economy, pushed inflation to record highs, undermined our national security, enriched Russian President Vladimir Putin, China has benefited and with food shortages and prospects of blackouts has cost thousands of jobs. , The situation is so radical that even the greenest candidates in Pennsylvania shy away from it.

Hochul’s Republican opponent, Rep. Lee Zeldin, knows the potential fracking hold for New York. Calling for an end to the embargo, he said it “means billions of dollars. Billions of dollars to move forward in the safe extraction of the natural resources beneath us.”

Note the word “safe.” The Greens use fake “environmental concerns” to scare people. If a child in Pennsylvania was sick from natural-gas production, MSNBC would have a camera crew on its front lawn. If there were communities poisoned by fracking, Biden would be there every day, sneaking up on the teleprompter, shaking hands with no one and bragging about his alleged Scranton roots.

The industry has been so good for Pennsylvania that even its secretive critics can’t speak badly of it. It has been so good for America that we can remember 2019 and 2020 and wish energy independence a return.

It would also be great for New York – if only ignorant politicians would get out of the way.

Daniel Turner is the founder and executive director of Power the Future, a national nonprofit that advocates for American energy jobs.


Twitter: @DanielTurnerPTF

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