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From dinner parties to “thank you for helping me”, I miss the communal dining experiences.

During the depths of the epidemic, I found myself feeling very special. Sectarian food experiences. I remember a reporting trip I took to Asheville, NC, just a few months before the novel Coronavirus Daily News.

There, my partner and I joined some other food professionals. Over the course of a few days, we traveled to Biscuit, Foot Hills Mats – a clean butcher shop where we had hot coffee and cold cut breakfast while the owner showed us how to break the pork. Spend the afternoon at the local farm. In between interviews, we played with a pair of farm Dutch sandals dressed in thin polar fleece jackets to protect their lower abdomen from the cold.

Our last night in town, we all met. Vivian, A cozy, warm-light restaurant in the Arts District serving European victims. The pots are made with southern ingredients.. I remember what we ate (like “Nordic Devil’s Eggs” full of smoked fish, potatoes and carnitine), but mostly I remember how we ate: around a long, wooden table Hand-to-shoulder sharing of food and pushing to pieces and other people’s plates.

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As the epidemic grows, the list of experiences I remember growing. There’s a “Hey, thank you for helping me” pizza, where you and your friends fall on the floor of someone’s new kitchen in a pile of sweat. All of a sudden everything is funny, and you realize it. Pepperoni pizza has never tasted better..

There is. A journey to a new city – Maybe with someone who’s still a little new to you – and inevitably ends up having a dinner that isn’t. Great But great. Together , You drink coffee And from these cold plastic cold water to cold water and start thinking what. You fall in love with pancakes..

Then there’s the standard: anything, anything, really any cooking, so that someone can take care of you.

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Epidemics have taught us many things – about our society, about our communities, and ultimately about ourselves. One of the most basic, but at the same time, the most violent of these lessons is that we humans do better overall when we are connected to each other.

And Zoom cocktail times. Do not cut it after a while.

From Salon food. Archives, here are some articles that focus on how food and community is a huge overlapping circle in the often bizarre cosmic van diagram that is life. If you like this collection of writing, do it. Sign up for the salon’s food newsletter. – From where this article started and users get recommendations about reading, watching and eating every week.

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In her beautiful article “Shine and Cottage: The pain of having lunch with my first daughter.Tibita Blanken Biller writes about becoming a “quarantine parent” and what it was like to be with her infant daughter at the first unadulterated lunch. ” It is beautiful to watch with your child, she has been a secret from the world, not only deprived of the point of view of familiar relatives but also deprived of these small, fleeting, random moments. ”

One of my favorite pieces from our recent “Coffee Week” was a series of articles, tips, and reports on America’s favorite caffeinated beverages – by Maggie Hansie. I “Observations from Chicago Duncan Donuts.,“Coffee shops can often act as a ‘microcosm for the city,'” she writes.

Also from “Coffee Week”, which I wrote about. The importance of the LGBTQ-owned cafe as a passionate, bizarre place.. Although gay bars hold a very important place in the history of LGBTQ rights and legitimacy, many curious people find places where they can feel the same sense of community while drinking occasionally or Also get rid of permanent. This is where these coffee shops come in. Especially for “morning gays”, as coffee shop owner Andrew Zaro said.


Back in 2014, Salon’s own Mary Elizabeth Williams (who writes. Our quick and messy cooking column.Published an article for New York Times Modern Love. The section was recently adapted for Amazon Prime TV. “New love” Anthology series, which you can stream after reading. At a recent food desk meeting, Williams mentioned that there was a lot. Cooking in the show version of his life., Who hinted at this mini-interview via Slack:

AS: In your real relationship, is food something you associate with your family? (If so, how?)

MEW: My immediate family consists of four people with incredibly different tastes, allergies and health problems. And yet, there is a very special and special relationship that I feel when we feed each other. Bake cookies with your daughters in the kitchen, Even a hint of just making someone a cup of tea. Nothing says, ‘I love you. Let me take care of you, ‘the way he eats.

One of my favorite series for many years is Netflix. “Gentified. ” It’s about a Mexican-American family that owns Mama Fina, a taco joint in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. The show deals with some big, big themes – family heritage, leniency, racism. The bottom line is that it’s a beautiful distraction from how restaurants can function as de facto community centers.

Also, everyone likes to stick around food – even Paris Hilton, even though she’s not particularly good at walking around the kitchen. Give one or two installments of this new series. “Cooking with Paris” A watch on Netflix – the first one with Kim Kardashian is expected to be a glitch – and then check out our evaluation Celebrities who can’t cook have become a fast-growing genre of food TV..


Make good use of your hard-earned epidemiological skills – and take them out. Giant Foxia Sandwich To match your next suitable size. They are new (better, crisp) party subs.

Given the Italian-American theme, Cook chicken parmesan for a special occasion.. It’s longer than some of our second Saturday night favorites. This custom sheet in Pan Chow. – But a salon food assistant. Michael Law Court Here’s a tip that will make cutlets impossibly crisp. If it’s not spreading love, I don’t know what it is. . .

Even from the Law Court, This recipe for chicken pakata – With a rich, velvety and slightly shiny sauce – This is a less stained but thoughtful dish, especially paired with a delicious pasta. If the dessert is on the table, make it Williams Extra dark sheet pan brown.. They’re great for sharing (and also for making ice cream sandwiches).

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