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Frost Advisory for Antelope Valley.

Officials have announced that a frost advisory will take effect in the Deer Valley from Tuesday night.

Weather warnings will be in place throughout the region, including Lancaster and Palmdale, from midnight to 9 a.m. Wednesday. National Weather Service.

Temperatures below 29 degrees Celsius cause frostbite, which can damage sensitive plants and pets if left unprotected, the NWS said.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said, “We encourage our residents to be prepared and, if possible, bring your four-legged family members inside the home.” News release. “Remember to be even more careful tomorrow morning when you start your day. Frost can slip on sidewalks, sidewalks and sidewalks, so use extra caution!

San Luis Obespo County will also be under the frost advisory during this time. NWS.

Just a day ago, The dust was flying Monday morning in most parts of the Deer Valley. Due to low visibility due to dusty conditions. California Highway Patrol. Temporarily closed both sides of the 14 Freeway from Avenue I to Avenue A along part of Route 138 in the Lancaster area. (All lanes have been reopened.)

The weather service explained that “visibility can fall sharply below a mile, creating dangerous driving conditions.” “Slow down and use the headlights.”

In addition to Antelope Valley, Dust was also visible East of the region, in the Victorville area, Monday morning.

Meanwhile, Southland had one. Night of strong winds That left more than 30,000 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power consumers without electricity. Although the winds ceased Tuesday morning, wind advisory for some parts of the Los Angeles and Ventura County Mountains was extended to 3 p.m. National Weather Service.

Southern California Edison. He said he was considering shutting down power to about 9,000 consumers in Los Angeles, Ventura and Karen counties on Tuesday to protect any of his electrical appliances from wildfires amid dangerous weather conditions. ۔


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