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Buying a home involves all kinds of conversations about practicality, necessity, function and experience. The buyer and builder discuss the required features and the required features. Balancing form and function takes the front seat with finances.

But what about the fun features?

You’ve made it to this point and you’re seriously considering buying a new one. And you know that buying new comes with benefits that can’t be found in a resale home, including efficiency, durability, stability and up-to-date floor plans and configurations that will provide years of flexibility.

Now let’s look at the fun factor; Items you don’t need but, on a closer look, offer more practicality than you might think.

steep stairs

Make a staircase pop by incorporating bold woods, contrasting paint colors, wires, metals or hand-carved newl posts.

With or without carpet on treads and risers, and whether or not the carpet extends to the edges, look for materials and colors that add contrast and interest, along with durability against scuff marks.

Include accent wood or tile inlays on risers or landings for hardwood stairs.

messy kitchen,
(yes, that’s its name)

Who needs a messy kitchen? None. And that’s the idea behind the messy kitchen, which evolved from the concept of a prep kitchen and is offered by some builders. It is ideal for the family that plans to entertain frequently.

Think of it as part butler’s pantry, part wet bar, part food-prep area, and part out-of-sight storage. Many contemporary floor plans from today’s builders allow the option of including a small, additional kitchen attached to the primary one but hidden from view.

Easily accessible from the primary kitchen, messy kitchens may include a second stovetop or counter for food preparation. But there is always a second sink involved. It could also be where the second dishwasher is installed.

clever molding

From chair rails and crown molding to ceiling medallions and door and window moldings, each can add a finished look and sense of elegance to any space.

Some of the more unique or luxurious molding options include wainscoting that hides a hidden storage space or 19th-century-style picture rail molding with a 21st-century upgrade.

Dating back to 19th-century crumbling plaster walls that couldn’t withstand hanging artwork, picture rails deserve to be reconsidered as a design element with functionality.

Moving around a room or just on a wall, picture rail moldings add interest and allow you to hang artwork, lightweight electronics, mirrors and more without punching holes in the wall.

While certainly not ideal for a contemporary living room or family room, they can be practical in a home office or child’s bedroom. You can also hang a light screen over picture rail molding to project video or change the look of your background during a video call.

the perfect wake-up cup

Are you a coffee person or a tea person? Either will enjoy the built-in and plumbing coffee maker in the primary suite. It can also be used for tea. There’s magic in the plumbing, which would be plenty in the bathroom next to the primary suite.

Has the builder placed it in any place, bedroom or bathroom. Build it in a nook in a wall or within a cabinet attached to the wall. A mini fridge can also be installed below it to keep dairy products and other treats.

Remember to discuss the power requirements for this facility in addition to plumbing.

Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser

No, this is not a decorative, water-wasting fountain. Unlike the dispenser on the refrigerator, the built-in filtered water dispenser helps extend the life of your refrigerator’s filter, given the frequency of use.

Fall in the house—which means it requires advance planning with your builder—the drinking fountain can be located near the kitchen, in the garage, in a mudroom, or in the laundry area.

Use it to fill glasses, reusable bottles and watering cans for indoor plants. Use it to replace a service that delivers bottles to your home.

With built-in cabinetry surrounding it, you’ll have a place to store those dozen to dozens of reusable water bottles and their caps and straws straight to the source.

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