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Gabby Petito strangled to death.

I am a coroner Gabriel Petito. The woman died of strangulation on Tuesday, the case said.

Teton County Coroner Brent Blue did not elaborate. They Citing state law was choked or explained in more detail.

“According to state law, no other information was released about the autopsy, only the cause of death.” They When asked if there are other signs of violence on the body.

In response to a question at the Virtual News Conference on Tuesday, They Death was scheduled for September 19, three to four weeks before Petito’s body was found.

Mr Blue also declined to say whether Petito was killed outside his body, where an autopsy was carried out.

“Petito was not pregnant,” she told a reporter.

Petito’s death has gripped the country for more than a month since she went missing on a cross-country track with her fianc Brian Laundry.

Mr Laundry has also been missing for almost a month, has been named as a person interested in Petito’s murder, and has been charged with other federal charges.

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